Carpet Installation in Singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Carpets and Why You Should Have One Installed 

Carpets are generally used in many places because they bring some life and warmth in whatever room they are placed in. If you own a business, there are specific types of carpets that suit the workplace and they are commercial carpets. In the world we are living in, it is vital to be successful in what you do because the competition is running very high. Now, there are numerous things that could see to the success of your business, and the look of your office is one of them. Anyone who wants to get some work done want to be a professional and looking like one will make your clients trust you. A commercial carpet will give your business place the look of a professional and they are enough types to cover any business you have from an office, hotel, restaurant or anything else.

Reasons for choosing a commercial carpet

Business statement– Your floor is one of the first things your clients will see and you want it to be presentable. The appearance of your workplace can be considered just as important as the way you dress and it makes a statement about you and the business. This is why you need to have something that will give a good impression and it doesn’t get better than a commercial carpet.

Price– Commercial carpets, as good as they are happen to be one of the cheap flooring options for commercial businesses. Installation also gets cheaper because other floorings will require floor preparations and this is usually a good case for aged buildings. For a business, price matters because of the expenses and return of investments.

Maintenance– Commercial carpets are some of the easiest commercial floorings to maintain because they just need regular vacuuming. If you have a busy office and expect heavy wear, there are higher grades carpets to prevent patterns from heavy traffic. Every once in a while, you can always call in cleaning services but that won’t be for a while.

They are durable- Once you get a commercial carpet, you will have a long way before you think about replacement. Again, if you expect heavy traffic, getting a higher grade is a wise choice and even with all the cleaning and vacuuming, it will retain its appearance.

Prone to accidents– We all know the drill with slippery floors and the damage they could bring. A carpet is ideal because there will be few or no accidents ensuring that the safety of your work place is not compromised.

Types of commercial carpeting

Low density– These are some of the best types especially for high traffic places like classrooms, health facilities and lobbies. What makes the low density loop pile carpet even better is the fact that it does not have the plush qualities, now if you are wondering what’s good about that, one of the reasons is that it resists matting and crushing. The other reason is that it is practical in a way that it is easier for rolling traffic like supply carts or clients in wheelchairs because of its smooth surface.

Tufted carpeting- This type usually has multiple piles, which are used to create the tufts. These are good options for offices and they also tolerate high traffic.

Woven carpets– Woven designs have relatively short piles that are plusher than the others are. This type can last literary for years and they are better placed in offices, hotel rooms and conference rooms.

How to choose the right commercial carpet

Usage– Base it on its practical use, depending on the kind of business you have. Offices and showrooms will not share the same traffic so they can use different types of carpets. The condition of your business will determine the type and the length of time you want it to last.

Location– The location of the carpet is very important because for instance, the entrance of the establishment will require a high quality carpet compared to the small offices.

Choice of Fibre– All carpets come in different types of fibres like nylon, wool, polypropylene or a combination of two. The importance of the fibre is for factors like resistance to stain of maybe for a restaurant, comfort and flexibility. All the materials come in different colors, sizes and designs so you will still get what you want.

Eco qualities– If your business has an environmental policy then you have to pick the environmental friendly carpet. This is usually easy because you just have to pick one that will last long without needing replacement. You can also consider recycling options.

Broadloom or tiles– Broadloom is generally the most common but tiles give you the option of replacing the worn out parts, which makes them convenient because you will not have to replace the whole thing.

Ease of maintenance- Different types of carpets will require different maintenance methods. For instance, steam cleaning is not good with delicate carpets while other will not wear if subjected to the same type of cleaning.

Benefits of commercial carpets

Long lasing and comfortable– Most commercial carpets if well maintained can last for decades. They add thermal resistance, which will keep the place warm and help conserve energy.

Sound reduction- No footsteps when you are busy working to disrupt you. This will help enhance productivity.

Custom and design– There are different styles and designs available to match your interior décor and you could have one custom made.

Maintenance tips

Commercial carpets should be cleaned regularly for a longer life. Stuff like dirt, grease, gum or debris could easily damage your carpet so depending on the kind of business you have. Try to clean it as often as it gets dirty. Some facilities require vacuuming every day or even more for high traffic areas. You can also use a sweeper machine on some places because it makes the work easier. It is advisable to have a cleaning company clean the carpet for you every once in a while to ensure that all the dirt is removed completely. Your commercial carpets need to be cared for just like residential carpets so that they may last longer.

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