Why Choose Us As Your Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore?

Staying in the beautiful city of Singapore is not an uphill task, but finding a great carpet cleaning company there definitely is! Be it your home or office, school or shopping mall, it really becomes a necessity to clean the carpets once in a while to keep them clean and hygienic and maintain their fresh feeling. Most of the time, it really becomes impossible for a single person to clean them, considering the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates owing to the pollution of the city and hence the carpet cleaning companies are the best alternative to that.

When talking about the professional services of a carpet cleaning company in Singapore, you must not forget that this specific task requires a great deal of precision and hygiene and hence only a good company should be hired. In that case, we provide one of the best services in terms of Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore. We understand that unclean and dirty carpets pose various health hazards including asthma, breathing problems and more. So we try to excel in our carpet, sofa as well as mattress cleaning services. We make sure that after you take our services, the carpet are absolutely free of bugs, pollutants and dirt particles and is absolutely clean and healthy.

One of the reasons to choose us for this task is because we have experts hired in our company with various years of knowledge in the field. We provide our services not only to residential complexes and offices, but also to various educational institutions, where hygiene is of utmost importance, shopping malls, shops, stores, condos and HBT’s. We make sure that before entering into a contract with you, we visit your location, understand the main problem and then derive measures to overcome it. Based on that we refer the methods that can be applied to clean the carpets of your place and then start the work. Absolutely nothing is done without your prior approval.

We are experts in Carpet Steaming, Carpet Shampooing and other cleaning works and basically work in home for cleaning carpets and rugs, offices, cinema halls and buildings. We even do steam cleaning through which first carpet is soaked in hot water for at least six to seven hours and then dried and dry Carpet Cleaning method by using biodegradable materials to remove the excess dirt particles and pollutants without wetting the carpet. This apart, we also ensure that while the entire cleaning is taking place, we do not cause any disruption to your private space or office environment.

We have been serving an exclusive client list from many years now and have successfully been trusted by all of them. Many of the prior clients refer our services to their friends and family members and that shows their conviction in our services. We ensure that we offer you the most affordable price of the market so that you need not have to unnecessarily compare the prices of other carpet cleaning companies. We value our customers and that is the reason we are instantly reachable at a single call. You can even mail us with your requirement and we will shortly get back to you with quotes and services. With us at your services, forget all the hassles related to carpet cleaning in Singapore now.

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is a challenge and has always been for many Singaporeans. The problem is that they do not know how to clean the carpets. Basically, it is quite easy to clean the carpet, without even having to call a professional carpet cleaning company. So how can you take are of the frequent stains and dirt on the carpet? Here is a look at the top tips for cleaning your carpet with ease;

• Avoid rubbing the stains
A number of people are fond of scrubbing and rubbing on the stain when they try to get it off the carpet. This is a very serious mistake. The best way to get rid of the stain is by blotting it. You can use a clean cloth, a sponge or a paper towel along with a reliable cleaning solution. Blotting will help to soak up the stain, without having to put so much pressure on it. When you rub or scrub on the stain, they will spread the particles into the fibers of the stain. This will be more difficult to clean. So if you have any type of stain on the carpet, the best way is to blot them and not rubbing on them.

• Shaving cream is a secret too
You can also use the shaving cream to get rid of some stubborn stain on the carpet. A number of carpet cleaning specialists say that the ordinary shaving cream can get rid of the stains perfectly. The shaving cream will be able to remove most of the common types of stains. To do this, you will need to apply the shaving cream directly to the stain and allow it to sit for around 30minutes. After the 30 minutes, you can blot away the stain using a clean and dry cloth. A white cloth would be best to use though you can use any. When done, you can spray the area with a mix of vinegar and water, then wipe away using a clean and dry cloth.

• The soda/wine/beverages trick
Many people are finding it difficult to get rid of the soda stain or stain from other beverages. Wine is also a common stain that is headache to many people when they are trying to clean their carpets. If you have a soda or beverage stain on the carpet, you will first need to blot the area with a clean cloth. If the blotting is not working, you can use a hand sprayer to spray a mix of vinegar and water. Allow the mixture to stay for around 15 minutes, then use a clean sponge to press in the area. This should soak up the stain and retain the color of your carpet. You can repeat the process over and over until the stain is completely removed.

You can then use warm water to rinse the spot, but don’t pour the water on it. Use a clean cloth or rinse the sponge and use it again. If the place is damp, you can use some pieces of paper towels to soak up the water.

• Use ice cubes for gums
The easiest way of removing the gum from the carpet is by freezing it, so it will harden and be easier to remove. You can use some ice cubes to freeze the gum, then scrape them off. Take some ice cubes and rub them over the gum for a white. You can also place a paper with the ice cubes over the gum for about 30 minutes. When the gum has solidified, you may then use a spoon to remove it from the carpet. If it is still sticking to the carpet, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off the ends of the strands. Ensure that you are keen enough not to cut more strands. Only cut off fewer strands, in order to avoid the place looking odd.

 Grease is quickly removed with a dishwasher detergent
If you have grease on your carpet, then the best solution is using the regular dishwasher detergent. Just like the detergent is able to get rid of the grease on the utensils, it will also do the same on the carpet. This is a quick and easy to use carpet cleaning solution.

You can add about two drops of the dish washing detergent in a cup of water, then use a bottle sprayer to spread the mixture over the stain. You can then let it stay for around 20 minutes and blot it up with a sponge or a clean cloth. If the stain is deeper or larger, you can repeat the process severally.

 Heat the wax to remove it
Wax can be very difficult to get rid of, which is why it is advised to heat it so that it is easier to remove. When you have some burning candles in the house, they can lead to wax dropping to the carpet. When it dries up, it becomes very difficult to remove. To remove this, you will place a white cloth over the wax, then put your iron over to warm up the wax. When it is warm enough, use a butter knife to scrape off the wax. You can also use a paper towel paper, which will attract the wax onto it and make it easier to remove it from the carpet.

Avoid ironing the area for too long, lest you burn your carpet. Also, use a white paper towel or a white piece of cloth, since the color can be transferred onto the carpet strands.

• Let the professionals do their job
The best way to ensure that your carpet is clean and that there are limited stains is to contact a professional carpet cleaning company. The company will have the right skills and supplies to clean your carpet as it is supposed to be. Also, you will not risk ruining your carpet when you have a professional taking care of it.

Carpet cleaning is very essential and you must ensure that you clean the carpet in the right way, according to the stain and the type of carpet. Use the right cleaning supplies and detergents to preserve the quality of your carpet.


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    I was recommended by my friend Sharon and i really like their cleaning services. My carpet, mattress & sofa are regularly cleaned by them and so good so good they are doing a great job. Keep up the good work guys.
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    I was shocked to know there there could be reservoirs of allergens, dust and dirt particles well hidden in my carpet. I have tried your services before and i must say you guys did a great job. Good services and affordable prices. Highly recommended.
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