Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are commonly used in offices to set up a professional image to their potential clients. While carpets that are usually used in homes are to portray that elegant and posh living standard that you are living in.

Most Singaporeans may think that carpet cleaning usually uses water. However, do you know much on dry carpet cleaning? Dry carpet cleaning is effective and lessens the damage on your carpet. The reason behind is simple! Dry carpet cleaning uses less moisture cleaning agents and eco-friendly and give an alternative for you who do not want to opt for any vapour washing.

Suffering from allergy? Machines that used for dry carpet cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning materials that will effectively clear off any germs and grimes without using any water. Allergic person is aware that fungus and spores will attach on the micro fibre in the carpet thus causes those allergies.
Hence, dry carpet cleaning is a great option.

Living in a high humility area? Bedroom situated in basement? These living conditions will definitely make your carpet wet even there are no water spill on it. Outdated carpet steam cleaning may also create moisture in your which resulted your carpet to be damped again. Thus, dry carpet cleaning is still the option for you.

Need time efficiency? Normal carpet washing does not allow you walk on the carpet instantly. Dry cleaned carpet allows you to instantly step on it and no time wasted.

Some carpets materials is not man-made or have very fine fibers, dry cleaning is the great alternative for you. Those fibers are not greatly damaged during the dry cleaning session, carpet size will not shrink, and no fungus or spores will be present in the carpet.

I would advise you that even before you wanted your carpet to be cleaned or D.I.Y yourself, always remember to do some simple vacuuming on your carpet efficiently. Trust me; you would want to get off as much dust as possible before putting you carpet into the dry cleaning machine. Have any visible wet stains? Always make sure to wipe and clean those stains first and do a thoroughly drying. Ultimately, you would like to get the best result out of your dry carpet cleaning.

Machines used for dry carpet cleaning to remove all those tough stains, dirt or grimes, are generally alike to traditional steam cleaners and wet vacuums. Just 10% of water is used in this dry cleaning. Worried that those machines not able to cater to your dedicated carpets design or fabrics? Not to worry at all! These superb dry cleaning machines are able to clean all type of designed carpets. So you can be assured that dry carpet cleaning is safe for all types of carpets that are new or old.