Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Having a hard time maintaining your office carpets? We understand that maintaining them is definitely a tedious job with heavy foot traffic or spillage of food & drinks. Let us provide you with our quality services.

Carpets provide a soft and luxurious feeling beneath your feet in your office. Office carpets are laid throughout the whole area of the office, glued to the floor unlike those in residential, it is moveable.

A frequently asked question by many customers, how often do we require office carpet cleaning services?

It depends on the foot traffic in your office, but it is wise to have them cleaned at least once every four months. Maintaining the appearance of the carpet is definitely easy by regular basic vacuuming but the carpet absorbs numerous amounts of bacteria and particles which cannot be seen by eyes that might cause health problems and allergies such as asthma attack or flu.
There is a major advantage and disadvantage of office carpet:

Advantage – Carpets is able to trap irritating dust particles to improve the air quality within the office.

Disadvantage – Carpets fibers may be damaged with the accumulating dust particles, this will result in shortening the life span of the carpet. When the carpet life span shortens or damaged, financial cost will increase by replacing the carpet.

By cleaning your office carpet, there are many ways and techniques in today’s market such as dry shampooing, sanitizations, wet shampooing to remove bad smells & stain removal to minimize stain marks.

Dry shampooing
• The advantage is that it has the ability to cover large areas in short period of time. For commercial maintenance programs, it is a good method for surface appearance management.
• The disadvantage is medium level of bacteria and the need of steam cleaning when this cleaning method is used regularly.

Wet shampooing
• The advantage is that it removes dust particles when it is mixed in foam and it is very efficient.
• The disadvantage is that the brighteners in the shampoo will only last for a temporary period of time. And if in any case, carpets are not professionally vacuumed, it may result in stain marks.

Each carpet cleaning method regardless of wet or dry, has their advantages and disadvantages. Different equipment can provide efficient result for different purposes; some methods can be combined for increased cleaning efficiency.

Thinking of cleaning carpets on your own? Well, you are able to use carpet cleaning machine but before you undertake the job, you might want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Professionals allow you to save time, provide you with cleaner environment and less wear and tear on the carpet. Professionals will try to remove all the irritating dust particles with the help of powerful environmental friendly chemicals and equipments without damaging the carpet fibres. Engaging professionals may be a little expensive; however, you will be able to present your clean and attractive office to your clients and employees.