5 Spring Cleaning Myths In Singapore

A myth is an illusion that does not hold dear with the truth. While growing up, all of us develop the spring cleaning myths which add to the unproductiveness in cleaning. Singapore is a country where people are more accustomed to these spring cleaning myths and their cleaning reflects it well. These myths are big time consumers without heeding good results. A person can spend this time in cleaning some other part of the house, therefore time should be valued and the myths should be self-busted.

Here are some of the spring cleaning myths that the person can avoid:

Myth #1: Bleach is a wonder spring cleaning product

People in Singapore and also around the world hold the fact that bleach is a great source for cleaning. The effectiveness of this product is often talked about and has kept people in an illusion for long. The truth holds the fact that bleach does not clean the surface as much as it can disinfect it. The sole purpose behind using bleach is to remove the germs from the surface and not to make it shine. Therefore, the surface should be cleaned with general cleansers first and then they should be given a final disinfectant touch by bleach. This is the most popular myth that the people from Singapore are accustomed to.

Myth #2: Vinegar, a one-stop solution for cleaning

For many people, Vinegar holds the reputation of being a strong cleaning agent and effectiveness of this product in this area is often talked about. Although, it’s a myth that people hold big time. Vinegar is definitely effective as a deodorizing agent but it does not have great results for cleaning the surface. The ability of this product to actually destroy the surface places this idea at the second big myth of the Singapore people.

Myth #3: Newspapers are a perfect alternative for paper towels

Although, newspapers can prove to be an effective cleaning agent, but the only problem with them is their ability to leave the ink mark on the surface. People generally use a newspaper to clean the glass surface and other clean surfaces but they cannot be assured of saving that surface from the influence of the newspaper ink. Therefore, it is the third most followed myth in Singapore.

Myth # 4: Hair spray works well to remove ink stains

It’s a popular myth that hair spray is quite effective when the person wants to remove ink from the surface. The alcohol contained in the hair spray justify the condition to a great deal, but it is certainly a spring cleaning myth among the people of Singapore as these days hair sprays are not equipped with enough alcohol content.

Myth #5: Furniture polish should be used for cleaning the surface of furniture

This is the most common myth among the citizens of Singapore. People prefer to shine and clean the surface of the furniture with the help of furniture polish; however, it should be used just once in a while. The lint-free microfiber cloth can be the best source of cleaning the furniture on a regular basis.