Carpet Cleaning The Eco Friendly Way



Carpet cleaning is not unusual in Singapore. Most offices do fix carpet to make their offices look presentable and welcoming to walk-in clients. Hence, a regular service of their offices carpet is necessary to maintain their company image.

Dirt and stains are the most difficult to clean when they formed on your carpet. That is the reason why cleaning materials are the only proposal to remove those tough stains and dirt which cannot be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. Regrettably, some of these cleaning materials contain hazardous chemicals or prescriptions that may cause harm to one self and the environment. Perchloroethylene is one such chemical that can be commonly found in carpet cleaning materials. If is expose wrongly, it may cause symptoms like dizzy, nausea if was breathe in by people, Some other chemicals like Napthalene, Formaldehyde and commercial acids also can be found in the carpet cleaning materials despite is harmful to humans.

In recent years, with the voice of “Going Green”, eco-friendly cleaning materials are in demand hence, the supply for eco-friendly cleaning materials have more range and variety. Cleaning materials like these not only can remove tough stains and dirt, they also are not health harming to user like us and is environmental friendly.

Let me introduce to you the advantages for using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials

1. Environmental Friendly – Ideally, if there are a more harmless and less hazardous cleaning chemicals, why not use that chemical? Furthermore, if these alternatives are able to provide the same results with those less eco-friendly chemicals, I think we should be more active in supporting these eco-friendly cleaning material.

2. Health Issues – Toxic chemicals normally may release harmful substances when expose and will cause health problems if inhale for too long. It will be hazardous to user if wrong mixing of those toxic chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning materials will eventually largely cut-down those health issues. Best will be to use organic cleaning materials, with that; you will have no issues about you and your family’s well-being.

3. Low Price – No doubt, there is a demand in eco-friendly cleaning materials. Price may be slight steep than those regular carpet cleaning materials. However, eco-friendly cleaning materials also have their alternatives. Do not be surprise! A numerous of kitchen ingredients can be your good helper in cleaning those carpet of yours. Vinegar and Bicarbonate is your good helper in cleaning your carpet and also to keep them odourless and fresh. These items are easily reachable and less expensive that those house carpet cleaning materials.

To end, using eco-friendly cleaning materials does not imply that they are not as good as normal carpet cleaning materials. You may never know that those eco-friendly materials may be effective in the carpet cleaning or even better than those normal cleaning materials. With those introductions of eco-friendly cleaning materials, you kill two birds with one stone. You not only do your part in being environmental friendly and also protect the well-being of your family and also get your carpet clean.

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I was recommended by my friend Sharon and i really like their cleaning services. My carpet, mattress & sofa are regularly cleaned by them and so good so good they are doing a great job. Keep up the good work guys.
Richard Tan  
I was shocked to know there there could be reservoirs of allergens, dust and dirt particles well hidden in my carpet. I have tried your services before and i must say you guys did a great job. Good services and affordable prices.
Highly recommended
Madam Pang  
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