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Where Can I Find Industrial Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore?

When you have carpets in your office or home, you should hire professional carpet cleaning service to keep your carpets cleans, hygienic, and smell fresh. Carpets often accumulate dirt particles, micro organism such as dust mites, and dust that can cause various health hazards especially to those who are allergic to dust mites and dirt. The most common allergy reactions for unhygienic and dirty carpets are rhinitis, runny nose, asthma and eczema.

Due to the potential health risks of using dirty carpets, yearly deep carpet cleaning by highly experienced professionals is important for thoroughly removing all embedded dirt particles and other micro organisms. Depending upon the traffic on the carpets, specialized treatment may be needed for the carpets that are heavily used to remove the accumulated dirt.

Different types of flooring and carpet material may require different types of carpet cleaning techniques. So, it is best to ask carpet retailer, or installer for recommendation on carpet cleaning technique when you are interested in deep cleaning your carpet. If they do not provide any specific recommendation, you can rely on the expertise of carpet cleaning company as they have years of experience and can will use the most suitable method.
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Different types of carpet cleaning methods are available to the Singapore residents, and some of the most common ones are steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and bonneting. Most of the carpet cleaning companies use carpet bonneting for carpets used in public areas in hotels, and other commercial buildings as work can be finished quickly without much of disruption. However, one has to use bonneting again on frequent basis to maintain the cleanliness of carpets, which is normal for commercial carpets. Many companies also use hot water extraction for both residential and commercial carpets.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is also a popular method use by many Singapore cleaners as it offers long term results. However, carpet becomes wet in this process and needs at least 5-7 hours for drying in any air conditioned environment. Hot water extraction technique is not best for raised platforms that have too many cables installed below the carpets. In some commercial buildings, activities go on 24 hours a day, so there can be problem in evacuating carpets for steam cleaning.

These days many carpet cleaning companies offer dry carpet cleaning, as it has several benefits and also offers best cleaning results to the owners. In the past two years, it has emerged as a top carpet cleaning technology on the market. In the cleaning method sponge like compounds are used for brushing the carpets, and they not only loosen the micro organisms and dirt, but absorb them without actually wetting the carpets. The soiled sponge pieces are then thoroughly cleaned at the end of this treatment. This carpet cleaning technology has already proved its worth in the west in the past decade, and offers excellent cleaning results.

Before hiring a carpet cleaning company, you should check the kind of technology and carpet cleaning products are used by the carpet cleaner and also check the contract to see what all is covered in the cost. A reputable company will also offer warranty on their work.



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