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What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method In Singapore?

The Best Carpet Cleaning Method To Choose From in Singapore

Carpets harbours bacteria, dusts and dirt which may cause harmful health effects. Although you don't have to clean the carpets daily, it is advisable for your carpets to have a regular schedule for cleaning. Aside from eliminating dirt, dusts and other unwanted things, cleaning carpets, especially those which are very thick, can make their texture softer and smoother. However, it's difficult to successfully and effectively clean carpets by yourself. In order to properly clean your carpet, you will need to hire a company which provides carpet cleaning services. Several carpet cleaning companies in Singapore make use of different carpet cleaning methods. Having a background on the carpet cleaning methods can be an advantage if you want to determine the best method utilized by companies for carpet cleaning purposes.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method To Choose From in Singapore?
Singapore carpet cleaning is done by trained personnel. This is to make sure that they provide maximum benefits to their clients. The method used in carpet cleaning may vary depending on the type of carpet and the materials used in its manufacture. The following are the different types of carpet cleaning methods in Singapore:

1. Dry Carpet Cleaning
The dry carpet cleaning or otherwise termed as absorbent powder method, can be effective in less thick carpets. It involves the use of an absorbent sponge or powder saturated with a solvent solution. The material effectively loosens up dust and dirt which has been attached to the carpet for easier removal during vacuuming. Dry carpet cleaning can be your first choice if you want your carpet to be back in service after a few moments. It is also good if your carpets are not very thick.

2. Carpet Shampooing
The carpet shampooing method makes use of a shower feed brush and a good shampoo. The carpet can be properly cleaned with this method since dirt is brushed off efficiently with the shampoo. It is important, however, that the carpet is fixed in its desired appearance before it dries out. Vacuuming is done after drying. Carpet shampooing is your best choice if your carpet has not been cleaned for several months or years. According to observations, this is because it provides the cleanest results.

3. Hot Water Extraction
Another effective method for carpet cleaning that is used by companies in Singapore is Hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This is one of the newest carpet cleaning methods utilized in many areas of the world. With this method, special equipment is used to inject a cleaning solution into the carpet before extracting it afterwards. This method requires preconditioning methods which are also conducted by carpet cleaning companies. Hot water extraction is one of the most recommended methods for carpet cleaning by many experts and manufacturers nationwide due to its efficiency.

If you do not know which among these methods is good for your carpet, you can ask for help from trustworthy carpet cleaning companies. One of the companies you can contact is Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd. Aside from providing carpet cleaning services; Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd can also help you with your questions regarding carpet cleaning methods.

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