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4 Tips On How To Remove Carpet Smell

Sometimes smelling carpet flooring creates an awkward environment in your home or office. You should immediately call for a carpet cleaning service to get rid of this problem as they a number of carpet smell removal techniques that can remove the smell from your carpets in a strategic manner. Some of the smell removal methods that you can try before replacing your carpet with new one are provided in this article for your reference.

Baking soda: Baking soda can be an effective carpet smell removal solution if it is not much overwhelming. It should be spread evenly over the smelling surface and let it remain there for sometimes. You can vacuum clean your carpet after few minutes and you will get a fresh and odorless carpet as the smell is absorbed by the baking soda.

Tips On Removing Carpet Smell

Foam cleaners: Carpet foam cleaners are the best option for carpet cleaning if you do not get suitable results with baking soda. These cleaners are also to be spread evenly of the smelling surface of your carpet to be soaked by the carpet for specific period as instructed on the package of the foam cleaner. Now you have to remove it with the help of a sponge mop from the carpet piles. Residues of the foam cleaner can be vacuum cleaned from the carpet to get a fresh and odorless carpet.

Water based steam cleaning: Some times odor in carpet occurs due to entrapped dirt particles into its piles. In such cases carpet smell removal is effectively possible through cleaning it by water based steam as it looses the dirt and remove it from its fibers effectively to remove odor from your carpet. You can also use carpet cleaning fluid to remove carpet odor even from your room as a part of steam cleaning process. White vinegar can also be a good option to be used instead of cleaning fluid if you want to remove carpet smell more naturally. Instead of renting a carpet cleaning machine for cleaning it regularly in future you can also opt for purchasing it as it can be handy for you to clean your carpet whenever needed.

Replacing the pad: Sometimes smell form the carpet is not removed even after using all of its basic methods because the smell remains in the padding used underneath the carpet. In such cases only solution of carpet cleaning lies in replacing the pad beneath the carpet for the removal of smell from it. Though it is a costly and time consuming method but still it saves you from replacing your carpet which is costlier than this process.

Thus you can use the carpet smell removal methods stated above to get rid of embarrassing smell from your carpet that is spoiling the whole environment. Some of these methods can be used by yourself but some of these require the services of professional carpet cleaning service providers who have expertise in this field. They can remove any kind of stains and other problems which are causing the annoying smell in your carpet.

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