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Is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important?

8 reasons Why You should Clean Your Carpet

Your home is one of the major contributions on the wellness of your health and no more so than the type of furniture you have assembled inside there. This is especially true with your carpets. Carpets are made of tiny fiber like materials that are perfect hosts for germs and other micro allergenic factors. With such potentially dangerous material on them you are required to perform regular carpet cleaning on them. You could use a vacuum or chemical agents to clean your home or better yet higher the services of a carpet cleaning company to do it for you. These are some of the reasons as to why you should clean carpet .

Removing Dried Carpet Stain

1. Prolonging the life span of the carpet

Just like every other piece of furniture in your home, your carpet needs to be cleaned in order to maintain its integrity and look. A carpet that isn’t regularly cleaned will quickly look old and discolored, this happens because the dirt embeds itself deep into the carpet fibers. If the dirt isn’t removed in due time, it will permanently solidify with those fibers making them harder to clean and damaging the carpet. The carpet will also no longer have that soft texture that it had when you purchased it new. Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned every twelve to eighteen months so that the carpet looks like it’s only a year old since purchase.

2. Protecting family members

There are those people who are very sensitive to dust, pollen or a dump carpet. Carpet cleaning should be a priority especially of you have family members that are sensitive to certain allergens. A carpet full of allergens will only continue to act as hub for more allergens and it can a very hazardous environment for young family members.

3. To Maintain The Preferred Look of the décor

The carpet that was purchased was bought because it fits the certain look and feel of the living space. This can be greatly affected if the carpet starts to change color because of dirt and stains. Even if there are no dirt specs on the carpet, the whole room may look untidy and dirty if just the carpet alone has a lot of stains. Replacing a carpet is a very expensive affair, so it’s advised that stains should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid changing the color of the carpet and in turn ruining the harmony of the room. How a home looks directly appeals to the character of an owner. The home owner looks careless if they have a house with dirty furniture and stained carpets.

4. Prevent the Carpet From Hosting Mold

It takes very little for mold and fungi to find a resting place. Mold can cause mild to adverse effects on people especially those who are reactive to allergens. Black mold is the most common type of mold to be found on carpets. Once the fungi settle on the carpet and aren’t immediately cleaned, they start to produce spores that eventually become the black mold. The mold is even more dangerous to young children under the ages of 5 because their immune systems isn’t fully developed and they may be more susceptible to mold reactions such as wheezing, redness of the eye, coughing, watery eyes and rashes. Sometimes when the carpets are cleaned by someone in experienced, they tend to leave the carpet wet. These are perfect conditions for mold to grow considering Singapore is pretty humid. That is why it would be better to hire a professional carpet cleaning services to properly take care of your carpet.

5. Removing Insects

If you have pets then don’t be surprised to find tiny insects living and hiding deep inside the fibers of your carpet. Some of the common insects that can be found in carpets are fleas, house dust mite, carpet beetles and bed bugs. This insects will not only be a bother to you because of all the biting but they may also carry other harmful diseases. Once they are in the carpet, it’s very difficult to get them out, only strong chemicals can remove those insects and if you aren’t careful, it’s possible to damage your carpet with the chemicals you use. Regular vacuuming of the house is highly advised and yearly cleaning of the carpet should be done by a professional.

6. Removing Bad Odor from the house

A neglected carpet will mean that there will be a damp or pungent smell on the carpet. The smell could come from food that wasn’t properly cleaned from the carpet or liquids like milk that aren’t wiped off. Regardless that carpet will not only stain but acquire a smell that will be difficult to remove if it isn’t quickly removed. A room with unpleasant smells can be very uncomfortable and will make people not want to stay in that room. Even using strong chemicals to clean the carpet may also render it uninhabitable.

7. Protecting Your Investment.

Carpets should maintained so that they can look as close to they were when they were bought new or at least so that they can age gracefully. It doesn’t matter at what price you bought the carpet for, on that is well maintained can even pass on to other generations. Better yet the carpet may be sold in the second hand market. A carpet that is well maintained and newish will fetch a higher price in these types of markets compared to one that looks beat down and with lots of stains. The money may be even directed towards buying another carpet.

8. Deodorizing The room

Carpets are arguably the largest piece of furniture in a room. Hence if it has a bad odor then chances are the whole room will smell. You can’t take advantage of this fact by ensuring that the shampoo you use has a nice smell to it or you could insist that the carpet cleaning company use a shampoo that is pleasant to the noose. Ideally one should be picked that has pleasant after smells that aren’t overpowering.

Cleaning your carpet is a very important affair. While it maintains the aesthetics of the house it more importantly keeps your home safe from all manner of microorganisms that would otherwise make the occupants sick. If you feel that hand washing the carpet may be too tiresome then you could hire the services of a carpet cleaning company.
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