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Is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Good For The Carpet?


Carpets are a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office spaces. Generally they are placed in high traffic areas and hence get soiled and dirty easily. Carpet cleaning is an important routine to ensure that your carpets are maintained in a good condition. Though carpet cleaning is often overlooked regular carpet cleaning ensures longevity of the carpet and also keeps them looking fresh like new. Many methods are implemented for carpet cleaning of which the heat extraction method is one which ensures a deep and thorough cleaning.

Hot water extraction cleaning for carpet

Hot water extraction for cleaning carpets:

This is the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction method also commonly referred to as the steam cleaning method is the most popular and highly recommended methods for cleaning of carpets. It does not implement steam to clean the carpets but it deploys hot water under pressure to agitate and remove dirt, dust, grime, debris and mites accumulated over time. This is a simple method but very effective in cleaning tough stains. It is also touted as the safest method to remove the toughest and deepest accumulated dirt and dust.

The process of hot water extraction in cleaning carpets:

First excess soil and dirt is removed by dry vacuum. Then a special pre-treatment detergent solution is applied on the carpet and allowed to penetrate and work into the fibers for some time. Some hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines implement power brushes that agitate the carpet to loosen the dust particles from it. Then a stream of highly heated water is sprayed which forces the dust and dirt out of the carpet. Water is injected into the carpet with the help of spray jets. With its ability to flush a large quality of water this method is considered as an effective way to rinse the carpet thoroughly. However it should be ensured that correct water temperature is maintained depending on the type of carpet. Then with the help of a powerful suction the deep-hidden dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and the moisture is removed.

Is hot water extraction good for cleaning carpets?

The answer to this question is definitely, yes. Hot water extraction is simply the best method to remove all contaminants in the carpet. It is very simple to use and effective in removing the toughest stains and dirt. The hot water penetrates deeply into the fibers, loosens the dirt and lifts it out of the carpet fiber with ease. It is also very effective in eliminating unpleasant odor on account of germs and bacteria. It ensures that your carpet smells as good as new. Moreover as this method employs gallons of water during the cleaning process it is able to flush and get rid of large quantities of dirt. No wonder hot water extraction is considered as the most effective and popular method of carpet cleaning.


Hot water extraction method assures deeper cleaning and leaves your carpet virtually residue-free. If natural cleaning solutions are implemented then hot water extraction assures an eco-friendly approach to carpet cleaning too. However it should be done by professional carpet cleaning companies who employ experienced and trained technicians to do this job. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning service is indeed a quick, convenient and hassle-free method.

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