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Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary For Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore are only held annually, and typically lasts about 2 days or extended up to 3 festive days. However, it usually starts long before the festivities as people begin to shop for great gifts to generously give and decorate their homes in advance with paper couplets, auspicious Chinese phrases, and beautiful paper cutouts to welcome another fresh start bestowed upon their lives. People's minds are filled with aspirations and desires for the upcoming year and are cautious enough to avoid any bad luck!

In line with this is performing a thorough cleaning of their homes days before, whereas doors and window-frames would most likely receive a nice coat of paint, preferably in bright red color, and all other parts of the house rejuvenated and brought to life. Carpet cleaning is equally essential to undertake prior to the arrival of Chinese new year, simply because one cannot afford to take any risks! Its best to remain open minded and consider all necessary steps to invite all goodness to come in, whether at home or at your business space.

Here are a few guidelines on why carpet cleaning is necessary for Chinese New Year, some of the reasons to do so, and why it is a must to plan beforehand to avoid encountering various types of problems or undesirable circumstances nobody sure wants to be in. These are the same things which can make a big difference not only in the new start you are given but in your life as a whole.


1. Do Not Clean on the Day of Chinese New Year

Some may deem it superstitious whenever they are advised not to clean their sofas, furniture, or carpet at home on Chinese New Year Day itself. Still, there's no harm if you listen instead since there must be an underlying reason why it is said so in the first place, given past experiences of a majority of people and several scenarios associated with doing this kind of practice. There are a huge number of people who attest to suffering ill fate and other things they soon regret, mainly because of the fact that they made this unwise choice of cleaning stuff at home at the wrong time. Practical situations should be weighed compared to actual facts and feedback, which allows you to escape the same problems others had and not have to learn things the hard way.

The dirty carpet you plan on having cleaned should be scheduled with the day and time taken into consideration. For example, it is a common belief that good luck will unfortunately be washed and wiped away when the carpet is cleaned up on New Year, instead of bringing fruitful things your way! Ancient tradition are meant to be followed accordingly, for there are solid reasons why they have existed and have been respected over time for sticking through it has benefited numerous people until today's modern times. Hence, have it done beforehand to avoid adverse effects and obtain the best benefits you can get out of it in the very near future.

Carpet Cleaning

2. Acquire Good Fortune Through Well-Planned Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning activities are the center of Feng Shui principles in the aspect of wealth and prosperity which would be ideally complied with for the best outcome. These guidelines are based mostly on current scenarios and likewise on traditional prospects, putting everything into consideration by combining modern lifestyle while observing past beliefs. This is why there are some who wish to take advantage of this by cramming and trying to pack their busy schedule on doing general cleaning involving carpet cleaning right on the festivities.

The effect would only be the other way around, so keep in mind that it is necessary to avoid this tedious task at least not during the celebrations. Know that all the good fortune that are bound to come your way can all vanish like thin air if carpet cleaning is done right at the wrong time! Therefore, the importance of planning the best time for carpet cleaning is a must, and having it done by professionals to ensure that it is deeply and thoroughly cleaned to perfection. This results to gaining the utmost potential of a prosperous year to shower upon you while evading major issues as much as possible.

Carpet Cleaning For Chinese New Year

3. Prosperity Through the Right Timing

The main point of cleaning is your place has to be free from dust and everything else unclean before the festivities. Reach out to home cleaning experts who can advise you of the ideal time to perform carpet cleaning. Their expertise and experience can be relied on to determine the best time for you, which is nothing but perfect for your current situation, needs, and the possible events that can take place thereafter. Setting up the appropriate time lets you break free from any anxiety and hassles, and from any cause of panic with havoc in the household or workplace right before Chinese New Year!

If your place is already settled and cleaned before the big day arrives and everything gets busy, you can have peace of mind and will surely be delighted with the great results. Maintaining the ideal standards of Feng Shui cleanliness without dusting or sweeping during the occasion, and the preparedness with the help of expert carpet cleaners remarkably lessens problems and creates the perfect living condition impressively for the whole year. The right timing is the ultimate key to a happier and more successful life.

The Chinese New Year is of great significance in terms of being a memorable event for anyone who wishes to live a peaceful, positive and prosperous life throughout the long days of the new year to come. Leading this lifestyle entails exhibiting utmost care for your home that would benefit you and your family, providing you the highest quality of life you all deserve. It likewise promotes harmony and a healthy environment at the office and becoming more productive at work towards a successful business. The process of cleaning your carpet plays a big role in achieving these favorable things and rendering you a prosperous New Year to fully enjoy.

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