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How to Remove Spots and Stains on Carpet?

It’s no doubt a carpet adds some touch of class and beauty to your home, regardless of where you’ve put it. But as much as you take precaution to protect your carpet from accidents and stains that might compromise its beauty, mishaps are bound to happen. From oil and grease, to chewing gum and wax, to ink, to drops of wine or blood all through to pet stains, there’s a lot mess you might need to clean from your carpet.


That means you need to be prepared on handling these naughty stains and spots, leaving the carpet looking clean and new once again. While it’s okay to call a professional carpet cleaner to do carpet steam cleaning and carpet washing, stains and spots resulting from spillages and drop offs are things you can handle by yourself. All you need is a couple of carpet cleaning treatments and knowledge on the steps to follow in the cleaning process. Carpet stains can present you with larger challenges if not properly treated hence you need to clean them with greater precision whenever they occur.

Here are some of the methods you can use in cleaning your carpets whenever it’s stained or spotted:

1. Coffee Stains

Coffee stains are notorious and can leave your carpet looking filthy if they’re not treated properly. Usually appearing in yellowish-brown tone, the stains can easily be ignored. In order to remove coffee stains from synthetic-rug, follow the following simple steps:

-First blot the spot using a dry white towel: Makes sure the stain doesn’t spread, if the spillage is substantial, by changing cloths when they become saturated with the coffee.

-Spray the stain with vinegar solution and dry the spot with a white cloth.

-Spray the spot with a non-bleach detergent solution and then blot it using a dry white cloth.

-Put some lukewarm water on the stain and then dry the spot using a dry white cloth

-Repeat the steps one to four till the stain is completely removed

2. Pet Stains

If you own a pet at home, then you be aware of it putting a mess on your lovely carpet. But to most people the most challenging thing is cleaning the excretions from their adored pets. You shouldn’t be afraid when that happens because there are plenty of methods and substances to help you get rid of the pet stain from the carpet. Here are steps to follow in removing pet stain:

-Clean the initial mess first: If there’s any debris, make sure you pick it with gloves and immediately dispose of it. If the stain is wet, simply blot the spot so as to soak up the moisture without necessary smearing or rubbing. You can repeat that until the stain is removed and the spot almost dry.

-If the pet stain you’re trying to remove on the carpet is already dried the carpet fibers, then it’s better to moisten the stain first. You can then apply a stain cleaning that’s specially formulated to treat pet stains (you can purchase them from leading Singapore shopping malls).

-And to neutralize the odor completely get rid of the spot, you can use white vinegar. For a standard stain, mix 1/4 cup vinegar with some warm water and then spritz on the stain. Let the vinegar spray soak for several minutes and then dry the stain using the blot technique.

-You can also use a mixture of quart water and stain-fighting laundry detergent to get rid of the pet stain. Simply spray the mix on the spot and allow it to soak for a few minutes, perform a blot then rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure as necessary till the stain is completely eliminated.


3. Oil and Grease

Synthetic-Fiber Rugs:

-First apply a small amount of solvent to a piece of white cloth. Proceed with dabbing, and then press the cloth on the spot for several seconds.

-Rinse the stain by blotting it with a white cloth that’s been soaked in lukewarm water

-Wait till an hour passes or when the carpet completely dries. You’ll notice the stain gets lighter and you can go ahead to repeat the procedure till the stain is completely removed.

Natural-Fiber Rug

-Apply a small amount of cleaning solvent to your white cloth and then blot the spot

-Spray the stained spot with a detergent solution and then blot using a dry white cloth

- After that, spray the spot with lukewarm water and perform the blotting

-Wait for close to an hour and if the stain has become lighter, repeat the steps above until the stain are completely gone.

4. Ink Stains

Ink stains can wreck havoc on your beautiful synthetic-fiber rug or natural synthetic rug, something that can result in destruction without recourse. However, when that happens, there is no need to panic because there are a few methods that can help you completely get rid of the stains. Here are some of the ways to remove ink stain carpet using quick reflexes and a few household products:

-Soak a clean white cloth in isopropyl and then proceed to dab the wet cloth on the ink-stained carpet. Make you don’t rub or scrub because that will cause the ink spot to spread rapidly. Let it be for a few minutes after which you can use a friendly-vacuum to get rid of the excess moisture.

-Treat the carpet stain with alcohol again. You can use other substances with alcohol contents such as hairspray and nail polish removers or use white wine or vinegar.

-After using any of these substances to clean the carpet, be sure to rinse with water and then blot or vacuum dry the spot until it’s completely dry.


5. Chewing Gum and Wax

-Gently rub the stained spot with Ziploc bag that’s filled with ice cubes, till the stain hardens. Shutter the stain with a blunt object like spatula then vacuum up the remaining chips.

-Apply some solvent with a white cloth and then blot

-Rinse the spot by blotting it with a white cloth soaked in lukewarm water.


Majority of the above discussed techniques and procedures literally use household chemicals, cleaners and supplies to get rid of carpet stains. There’re plenty of carpet cleaning solutions specifically formulated for specific carpet stains hence you can shop for a few and keep them at home for use during accidents. The process of cleaning any type of stain on a carpet is not that hard. All you need to know is the right solvents to use for the stain avoid spreading the stain further and rinsing the spot with lukewarm water and let it dry out. You cannot prevent accidents in your house but you can manage and clean the stains on your carpet with greater precision with these methods.

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