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How To Remove Dried Carpet Stains On Your Carpet?

Any dirt in a carpet acts as an abrasive that cause the carpet fiber to wear under foot traffic. Dirty particles are usually microscopically jagged and will damage the fibers of your carpet. This damage is usually seen as carpet that appears or dingy.

Removing dried stain on your carpet can be hard or simple depending on the sport and the type of carpet stain. Some stains are simply removed while they are dry while others are removed simply while they are still fresh. However, for most permanent carpet stain, it is advisable to remove them as soon as it stains your carpet. Early actions are necessary to ensure that stains and sports are completely removed from your carpet. Some times, you may be required to apply multiple sport removal solutions or you may be required to look for an alternative removal solution to remove stains from the carpet.

Removing Dried Carpet Stain

Sometimes, stains may accidentally spill into your carpet and you only find about it when it is too late. It can be very challenging to get rid of dried carpet stains. However, while it might prove it very difficult to get rid of a dried permanent stain, it is not an impossible task to do. Following are steps on how to get rid of Dried Carpet Stains on a Carpet.

ü Using a dull knife, try to scrape-off the dried stain on your carpet. You should take care not to destroy the carpet's fibers in the process. Once you have scrape as much as you can, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the foreign particles on that sport.

ü The next step is to apply club-soda on the remaining dried stain and allow it to soak for about four minutes. This will allow the stain to loosen from the carpet fibers and make it possible to be removed.
ü Put some clean white cloth over the soaked stain. Then, look for an heavy object, for example a squared block piece of wood, and place over the cloth. After some few minutes, remove the piece of object and then the cloth. You will notice that the stain as become lighter.
ü The above last-two steps are repeated for many times until the stains are gone. In case the stain persists, replace club soda with ammonia diluted with water in the ration one part of ammonia to four parts of water. This will enable you to get better results.

ü To prevent the carpet wick up, your final step should always involve rinsing your carpet with clean water to get rid of any residue that was left out. Water in a glass is enough to pour into the sport where the stain had affected and then dry the sport completely using clean towels.
Dirty and colored cloths can also add some stains on the carpet; therefore, you should ensure that all cloths that you use during the process are clean and white. You should also never attempt to use circular motion while removing stains, for such circular motion will destroy your carpet texture.
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