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How To Reduce Dust Mites In Our Carpet?

Dust mites can be a handful for homeowners to handle and become grave concerns overtime. The well-being of the family living in the household is important and dust mites do not help the cause one bit. It is essential to get rid of them as hurriedly as possible before the situation worsens. This article will demonstrate ways to reduce dust mites through dust mite carpet cleaning. It is often important to get professional help when it comes to these matters in order to have an efficient job completed.

Reducing Dust Mites On Carpet

Lowering Humidity

Dust mites love humid conditions as it creates moist places to reside in. This is perfect for dust mites as they can easily adjust to the conditions and find a new home to live in. Thus, it is important to be on top of the issue and reduce their population as quickly as possible. It is recommended to go below 50% when it comes to humidity levels in order to see significant reduction in numbers.

Avoid Pets

This can be a difficult task for those that already have pets in the family. This tip is not a suggestion to get rid of pets, but to avoid them if one does not already own one. Pets can often be the biggest transporters of dust mites from one place to another. This can lead to being unable to handle the dust mites in one controlled area leading to a tougher job for homeowners. Pets will often walk around the house and pass on 'food sources' for the mites. The dust mites love having an open invitation to food that falls onto the carpet.

Close the Windows

A common reason for a rising of dust mites can be through open windows. The pollen from outside can start collecting inside and start to attract dust mites. Pollen and other similar allergens are preferred food sources for dust mites and welcoming them for an 'open buffet' is never recommended. Closing one's windows is an easy solution to reducing the number of dust mites crawling around in one's carpeting.

Avoid Certain Furniture

There are certain pieces of home d├ęcor that should be avoided. These items include pieces that have a lot of 'overstuffing' in them meaning dust will easily collect. Dust mites will love to start living in these and ultimately transferring into the carpet. It is best to never attract the dust mites with such pieces of furniture and going with something that is lighter and easier to manage.

Cleaning and Washing Carpet

This is the ultimate solution to the conundrum and will reduce the dust mites to a handful at best. This is a solution that is often required from a professional source and is recommended to all homeowners. If one wishes to find a permanent solution to the issue, having a thorough wash completed is paramount. As the dust mites will start to reside in the carpeting, it is pertinent to handle the washing of the carpet through a detailed method. This can only occur from a professional carpet cleaning company that provides dust mite carpet cleaning options.
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