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How To Clean Your Mattress in 7 Easy Ways?

At some point in time you will have to clean your mattress. The reasons for mattress cleaning may vary widely but there is no doubt that the benefits are worth it. When you have a clean mattress the chances of you falling ill decline rapidly and you will probably sleep much better because of the freshness that comes with a clean mattress. In Singapore mattress cleaning is a common occurrence. It is something that is highly encouraged and promoted. There are various ways of cleaning your mattress, most of them will depend on the type of stain or dirt that you want to remove. You should choose the method that you think is most applicable in your situation.

How To Clean Your Mattress In 7 Easy Ways?

7 Easy Ways You Can Clean Your Mattress

1. Common Cleaning Methods.

As we said earlier, the method of cleaning will depend on the stains to be removed or the purpose of cleaning the mattress. If you simply just want to keep your mattress fresh, you could clean using the various ways. Vacuuming cleaning the mattress, this is one of the best ways to keep your mattress fresh and clean. Since there is no moisture involved it reduces the chances of your mattress getting stained during the cleaning process. Dirt and dust can be eliminated totally. You can also use enzyme cleaners which will breakdown the structure of the stains and make them much easier to clean.

2. Removal of Unidentified Stains.

You may find stains on your mattress whose origin you cannot explain. The best mattress cleaning method in this instance will be the use of a citrus cleaner. Spray the unidentified stain with the citrus type cleaner and leave it for a couple of minutes so that it can act on the stain. After that blot the stain with a clean white cloth. Do not rub the spot as that will only spread the stain. The cloth that you use should also be made of absorbent material so that it can remove as much of the stain as possible. If some remnants of the stain remain you can use a mild washing detergent.

3. Removing Blood Stains.

You do not necessarily have to murder somebody in their sleep for blood stains to appear on your mattress. There are many people out there who nosebleed in their sleep and this will leave your mattress with blood stains. Blood stains are very stubborn and removing them may require a lot of effort. In this case you should use hydrogen peroxide. Apply it on the blood stain and blot. Always remember to never rub stains since no good will come out of it. You can also prepare a baking soda solution and apply it on the stains. Wait for around 30 minutes and then you can wipe the stain.

4. Removing Mold Or Mildew

Singapore is a hot country and the humidity levels may at times be very high. This may promote the growth of mold which do well when there is a lot of moisture. The easiest and most effective way of mattress cleaning here would be to leave your mattress in the sun for a couple of hours. It will dry out and then you can wipe off the mildew. You may also decide to vacuum clean your mattress. After this, it is advisable that you disinfect your mattress since you do not know what type of mold was present.

5. Removing Stains Caused By Colored Drinks.

You can use citrus cleaner, vinegar or alcohol. The acid in the vinegar and citrus will act on the stain and help remove it. When you decide to use alcohol, soak the cloth with absorbent properties in alcohol and use it to blot the stain. It will work wonders.

6. Removing Urine Stains and Odor.

In this case an enzyme cleaning product will be the best option. Spray the stain and wipe it out carefully so that you do not spread it. A mixture of baking soda may also be as effective.

7. When You Want To remove All The Stains.

Taking your mattress to an expert for cleaning is by far the most effective and the best way of cleaning your mattress. In Singapore you have professional mattress cleaners who have the experience and are quite capable of carrying out mattress cleaning. This is better than trying the home cleaning remedies since you may damage your mattress completely.
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