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How To Clean Your Cushion Like An Expert?

Coming home after a long day...throwing shoes off...and throwing your tired body on your favourite couch! There is nothing as comforting as the comfort of a nice couch. It serves not only as a comforting piece of furniture, but also a nice aesthetic piece that adds texture and shape to a room. So, it is easy to see why couches are an important part of our lives. Those that have been in the family for a long while, it is much a part of the family history. From pets to moving from one house to another, they can be a part of our history.

But there is another side of couches that is perhaps not so fun part. As much as they are fun to haven they are also subject to important regular cleanup in order to keep it looking new and fresh. For couch owners, this can be a real nightmare. Cushion cleaning is perhaps one of the toughest and challenging housekeeping chores.

How To Clean Your Cushion Like An Expert?

It requires maximum care and attention in getting the carpet clean without destroying the fabric. With that in mind, it needs optimal care and attention during the cleaning process. When done right and with the right care, cleaning the cushion can be more enjoyable to you and good for the couch as well.

Having a dirty couch is not anything to make someone happy. It is perhaps one of the most frustrating things in housekeeping. It's appearance, for one, is not one to make a good impression. Two, it does not promote cleanliness and good health in the home. Couches can only handle so much dirtiness, wear and tear. But, if cleaned often and well, it can significantly increase the life cycle of the couch.

If done with the correct care products and tools, cushion cleaning can take away the stress of worrying about not having a clean cushions. Here are some tips to get you well acquainted with cleaning a cushion.

Tip 1: find out which type of cushion material you are dealing with

This is most important to figure out before you even choose the products to use. Generally, the indicators are located on the tags attached to the bottom of the sofa or couch. The tag should also let you know how you should clean the cushions in addition to which materials it is made out of. "O" on the tag means that it is made out of organic material and that it should be cleaned only with cold water. "W" and "WS" tags signal that the cushion should be washed with water based soap, while couches with tag "S" should not be cleaned with a non water based detergent. "X" means the material can only be dry cleaned.

Step 2: Pre treat stains or soiled areas

In order to avoid stains to spread, use a pre wash cushion cleaning spray and sponge. Soak the targeted area and gently dab the stain with a sponge and some detergent. If the cushion cover is coloured, check if the pre wash solution is colour safe on a hidden section of the couch. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and eventually rinse.

Cushion Cleaning

Step 3: Get the tools

Some other tools you may need are subject to variation depending on the material. However, there are a few equipments you every cushion cleaning job needs. A rag, a sponge, brush, and a good quality vacuum cleaner are needed in every cushion cleaning regardless of the material. Begin with the exteriors of the couch and remove the cushion covers if they are removable. You can either hand wash the cushions if they are light enough. But more often than not, you will need to wash them with a washing machine. On the left material, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair, and dirt.

For vinyl cushion covers that are not removable, you can simply clean the debris and dirt with warm water and detergent. Wipe along with a soft clean rug or sponge. Allow the cleaned cushion to air dry for enough time and finally clean it with a dry clean towel.

- Tip for non removable cushions

For this type of cushion material, it is best to be most careful and seek professional help. But it is possible to do it yourself. First option is to rent a professional steam upholstery cleaner which you can easily rent from a trusted cleaning service near by. If using this method, ensure that the cushions are allowed enough time to air dry and rid of all moisture.

Another method is to do this manually. Remove the cushions from the couch and place them on a large clean surface. Thoroughly remove dirt by beating the carpet from both sides. As the dust from the cushions can get a bit overwhelming, utilize a good dust mask in the process. Then, apply small amounts of dish detergent to co water and use the sponge to clean the cushion along the length. You can repeat the process until you feel the cushions are thoroughly cleaned. You can use a fan to dry the cushions or let them air dry outside.

Step 4: Putting everything back together

Now after the detachable cushion covers are clean and dry as well as the cushions themselves are thoroughly vacuumed, it is time to put them back together. But before you do, it is good to do a double check. You can do another quick vacuuming on the cushions to ensure that all the dirt and dust has been removed. Turn them over and do the same. Also, survey the cushion covers and see if there any stains that can be taken care of before putting them back on the cushion seats. If so, use a stain remover to remove the stain. Finally, carefully place the covers back on the cushions and give the whole couch a nice spray of deodorizer to top off the new fresh and clean look with a matching scent. For the non removable cushions, place them carefully back on the frames.

Cushion cleaning is no easy feat, but it certainly is not impossible. With the right guidance as provided above, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home and on a much minimized budget. Best of luck on your venture!

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