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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost For Office in Singapore?

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A routine carpet cleaning is essential to make your office look healthy and fresh. The first thing that anyone notices when walking into the office is the carpeting and hence it has to be maintained properly to create a proper first impression. Office carpets gets dirty easily and quickly as large numbers of people access the area and tread on it daily. Hence is it highly essential that you hire the services of a reputed professional carpet cleaner who will implement the right tools and make your carpet look like new again. A clean carpet enhances the aesthetic appeal of the office and improves the health and productivity benefits.

Importance of office carpet cleaning:

Carpet cleaning is an integral part of every office routine as maintaining a new look and feel is of paramount importance. A clean carpet allows a wonderful first impression and maintains an inviting and comfortable office environment. An office with a clean and tidy carpet can enhance your business reputation and staff morale too. Moreover in today's world a person spends a large part of his time in office rather than at home. Hence it is absolutely essential to provide a clean and conducive working environment. Clean carpets ensure a healthy working atmosphere and workers get motivated as they realize that you care about their health and safety.
Office Carpet Cleaning
Cost of office carpet cleaning:

Generally the carpet cleaning specialist will examine and visually inspect your carpets to be cleaned. After identifying the potential dirt and stains they give you an evaluation of the estimated cost involved in cleaning it. They usually charge based on the cleaning techniques, equipment implemented and the cleaning process to be initiated. In addition to this they will also determine your carpet size for actual pricing of the carpet cleaning costs. Usually they are affordable with no hidden and extra charges. Office carpet cleaning rates are usually calculated by fixing a square foot price for the area to be cleaned.

An overview of the cost of carpet cleaning in Singapore:

For an office that has a working area of less than 599 square feet professional carpet cleaners charge $0.50-$0.60 per square feet. For an office space of approximately 600 to 1200 square feet the carpet cleaning specialists charge $0.325 to $0.35 per square feet. For an office work area above 1201 square feet to 2500 square feet the carpet cleaning cost may range from $0.275 to $0.30 per square feet. If your office built up area is above 2501 square feet to 5000 square feet the professional carpet cleaners quote an amount that may range from $0.225 to $0.25 per square feet. For bigger offices with a built up area of more than 5001 to 7999 square feet carpet cleaners basically quote $0.175 to $0.20 per square feet. For larger office spaces that exceed 8000 square feet they usually opt for an onsite quote.


Compare the prices of several carpet cleaning services in your locality and make a correct choice about which carpet cleaning prices best suits your budget and your business needs. Although most people prioritize price this should be the last thing to consider if your desire quality work. Always opt for the affordable services but never ever compromise quality for price. Finally choose a carpet cleaning service provider with reasonable charges for what services they offer.



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