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How Long Should We Clean Our Carpet Again?

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How Long Should We Clean Our Carpet Again?

Carpet getting dirty again? Carpets are regarded to be the best decorative flooring items, generally found in everyone’s house. But, it doesn’t mean that just keeping them will enhance the beauty and look of the house. Proper maintenance of cleanliness around the surroundings is a must. There is a famous proverb-“A sound mind dwells in a sound body.” So, cleaning the house is the first and foremost step to promote cleanliness and remain fit and healthy. The decorative items like carpets, etc. in the house should be dusted off properly on a regular basis. Many people think that cleaning the carpets can wear them out easily. They also think that they will clean it up when they get dirty. But, they forget that the dirt is not easily visible to our eyes.

How the carpet gets dirty?
Carpets involve high investment of people, but cannot remain dust free for a long time. They are made up of cloth, so they are easily able to absorb all the dirt particles with time. Not only do they get dirty with the daily accumulation of dust, but their look is also affected by various stains and spots like bleach stains, pet stain, coffee and tea stain, ink and rust stains, etc.

Benefits of cleaning the carpet
They can easily accumulate and store the dust. This can be harmful and dangerous, especially for people suffering from asthma. They cover the floor region and easily come in contact with the dust particles. As they collect the dust, they get polluted and dirty. Hence, they have to be cleaned up as the dangerous pollutants and particles collected, can affect the people residing in the house. Not, only will it help to remove the dirt surrounded, but will also make it beautiful. It promotes clean and hygienic environment. The cleaning process will reduce the chances of spread of harmful diseases. It will improve the air quality that would easily get contaminated in the absence of the cleaning process.

How to clean the carpet?
When the carpets are not cleaned for a long period of time, they leave a bad smell along with the dust. Even if they are not cleaned up properly with right chemicals, they might lose their beauty as it will leave spots. Hence, the carpets should be cleaned keeping in mind a few things. O ne should not soak the carpet in the water for long as it might spoil its quality. The detergent powder should be mixed with water in the required amount to wash the carpet with the cloth. One can also use the vacuum cleaner on the floor and carpet to soak the dust particles within them. If not cleaned properly, then it might discolor the color of the carpet.

Hence, efforts should be taken to clean the carpet and maintain the hygiene. It should be cleaned up once in a year or every six months, either by hiring a professional help or by renting a carpet steamer, if it is greatly soiled up. Hence, be sure and remember to clean it regularly. You will fell light and clean when they are cleaned and maintained properly.
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