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How Can I Save A Flooded Carpet

During certain times of the year, Singapore are prone to receive a lot of rain. Because of this, flooding becomes a common problem among residents and commercial establishment owners. The flooded basement may occur more frequently than other areas in the house due to the basement's location. Low-lying areas are easily swept by floodwaters, in the same way, that low-lying items such as carpets get easily flooded.

Flooded Carpet

What to Do with Flooded Carpets

Water can cause severe damage to carpets which can render the carpet useless and unsalvageable if not attended to immediately and adequately. Sometimes, household owners tend to shy away from dealing with this problem for fear that they might not be able to do it on their own. This is true because carpets should undergo a thorough process of cleaning, disinfecting, and drying which can be difficult for ordinary homeowners to do especially if the carpet is huge.

If it's a small carpet or rug, though, and floodwater does not contain harmful chemicals or sewage, homeowners can opt to do the task themselves. The first step is to rid the carpet of all the water. This must be done immediately because the water can become breeding grounds for germs and other nasty bacteria.

Carpets that were affected by the flooding or flooded basement must be washed with detergent and antibacterial solutions. This will ensure that any dirt, grime or germs will be killed before you put them to daily use once again. If your carpet is expensive or rare, better delegate the task to your trusted water damage restoration team.

Find out the type of water that has caused the damage - If the source of water is your sewage line or toilet, then things are nasty because of the contaminated "black water." In that case, the best possible option is to get rid of the carpet. It is a costly affair, but there is not much that can be done about this. The various kinds of bacteria growing in this type of water can lead to serious health related issues later on. Just in case the source of the water is the main water line, then there is nothing much to worry about, the damage can be easily repaired.

Flooded Carpet

General Safety Measures

In restoring a wet carpet and working with floodwater in general, always use protective gear when undergoing cleanup procedures. There are countless germs, toxic wastes, and chemicals that could have mixed in with floodwaters. This can be extremely hazardous to your health so be prepared with quality gloves, boots, masks and other kinds of gear to protect yourself. Your health is a priority as compromising this can lead to even more risks and a more significant financial burden.

After thoroughly cleaning, do not immediately switch your electricity back on. Moisture might still be present within the electrical system of your house. Let your house air out all the moisture for a few days, and then you may hire an electrician or contact your water damage company to make sure that everything is working accordingly. The same would go for any gas or fuel lines that might be present in your home.

Cleanse and raise the section that is water damaged

Even if the source of water is not toilet or sewage line you should not be taking any chances. Take a gallon of water and mix about 3 tablespoons of bleach. Then use this for scrubbing the areas that are water damaged. It is important that you ventilate the room properly before doing this. A tool or box cutter can be used for cutting and then lifting the carpet. You can also use the method for getting rid of the padding that is damaged and of no use. It is important that you lift up the carpet area to permit airflow that will eventually help in the process of drying. You can then use a mop or dry/wet vacuum for cleaning up the floor that is beneath the damaged carpet.

Allow it to dry

It is a vital step, and you need to direct many fans towards the damaged spots. Various professionals use the industrial fans for the purpose. The windows can be opened, and the dehumidifier can also be used for fulfilling the task. It is to be noted that it is the initial 12 hours that are crucial as this is the time duration during which molds tend to grow on the carpets and create havoc. It is important that during the time the process is on the traffic in the room is minimised. It is only after these 12 hours that you should check the carpet. If the portion is dry, you can keep the damaged part back on the ground. It is important to maintain a constant airflow during the entire process for making sure that the moisture is removed.

Flooded Carpet

Look for experts

In case you realise that the extent of water damage is very great such that you cannot handle it yourself, then you can look for the experts in near you. You will realise that there are so many experts who have specialised in restoring wet carpet which have been damaged by floods. The professionals associated with restoring flooded carpets use the latest drying techniques and equipment that include air blowers, dehumidifiers, and hygrometers. They also use the industrial truck mounted extraction machines that are high powered in nature for efficiently drying the carpets. The best carpet maintenance company would be the one which knows how to properly use the equipment that they have.

It is also good that you look for the experts who have been in the industry for a long time. Look at their reputation among the customers whom they have served before. In case you have been wondering on how you can save your flooded carpet from being damaged, then you have to look at the above guide. With this tips, you will no longer have any challenge concerning your wet carpet, try them now and see how wonderful it will be.

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