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Factors That Determine How Often To Clean Your Carpets

Carpets provide a cozy environment in your home from the various effect that comes from the floor. It protects your feet from the cold floors and also reduces the workload of cleaning the entire floors every morning. They play an important role, and most people have adopted their use in different rooms. Carpets come in various colors, texture, design, modern style and varied types of material to suit everyone's needs. Like any other item in the house, these important accessories absorb dirt from various sources and require cleaning. To assist you in cleaning, here are some of the factors that help you determine how often to clean a carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Material type

The materials used to make carpets vary in a different way, some are heavy and absorb most of the dirt in a way that you cant realize if the carpet is dirty. Other carpets are made of light material that reveals the smallest specs of dirt indicating that thorough cleaning is required urgently. Carpets made of bright color disclose the presence of dirt easily than dark colored carpets and need frequent cleaning.


Another determinant on how often you should clean your carpets is emergency cases. Someone might spill liquids such as liquids, tea oil, food residue on the carpet unintentionally. When this happens, you must clean the spot immediately without letting the spillage to stick. You should use recommended cleaning product right away. If you let the spillage to stick, it may become hard to remove later on and also provide a place to breed bacteria and microorganisms that may pose a health risk.

Foot traffic

In rooms where traffic is high, the carpets collect dirt fast. This means that regular cleaning is necessary and can't be optional. To help you manage such a carpet, you need to install a carpet that is easy to clean, strong so that it does not wear out fast. This can save you a lot regarding money and the cost of buying cleaning detergents.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet warranty

Some manufacturers provide a warranty agreement that specifies the frequency that should be maintained to clean the carpets for the warranty to remain valid. You can't ignore this precautions and directions if you find that you will need to use the warranty. The instructions give you a clear direction such as steam cleaning, others hot water cleaning and if your carpet has no warranty, then you decide when to clean and the method to apply.
The uses of the room where the carpet is laid

The purpose of the specific room can also determine the frequency of cleaning your carpets. For busy rooms such as storage where items keep moving in and out, the carpets can collect dirt at a faster rate from items coming from the outside. If this is the case, then you can have your carpets cleaned once in a while. You can remove all the items from the room and take the carpet out for steam cleaning.

Your residence region

You also need to look out for the general surrounding within your home. You may be dwelling on a farm where you are prone to dust, living in a city where your place is vulnerable to several pollutants. In such a situation, you will need to adjust depending on how fast your carpet gets dirty and make a regular cleaning routine.

Occupants habits

Every home has a particular habit they practice. You will find that everybody leaves their shoes at the door before entering the house. The same happens to the visitors while in other homes, they don't have much concern. In a home where people are allowed to enter with shoes on, regular carpet cleaning plan should be put in place to maintain hygiene.

Smell and odor

Things like spillage may happen without the knowledge of the occupants. This may result in the unpleasant smell coming from the carpet. When you detect such odor, then you don't have to wait for the day of your routine program to clean your carpets. You should clean immediately to kill all the bacterias and microorganisms that may pose health risks to your family members.

Carpet Cleaning

Kids and Pets

If you happen to leave your children in the house alone, you are likely to come back and find a messy room. Kids can spill anything from food, drinks and even pee on the carpet without knowledge. The same issue is rampant in homes with pets. If you don't train your pet to use the potty, you may have a hard time when you find out that they pee at any place including on the carpets. If you have small children and pets in your home, then you should be aware and come up with a frequent plan of cleaning your carpets to avoid damage.

Weather changes

Weather changes are another determinant where you realize that during the rainy season, people ten to bring mud in the house thus exposing dirt on your carpet. If you live in low altitude areas, you find that certain dampness may arise from the ground. Yo, therefore, need to be lifting your carpet occasionally and check whether there is some dampness accumulating. You can also detect the presence of some odor coming out from the floor. If such a situation happens, then you need to have a cleaning plan on the frequent basis that can save your carpet.


Cleaning your carpets is an obligation you must perform to maintain hygiene in your home. The above factors help you determine how often you should do it. When you come up with a routine, you also need to refer to the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Apply the recommended carpet cleaning method, use the right cleaning detergents while observing care to avoid damages that may cost you a lot and force you to replace the carpets. It may not be an easy task for everyone, and if you find that you don't have any cleaning skills, you can always seek assistance from your local cleaning services. They deliver quality work by the use of appropriate equipment at the most affordable cost.

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