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Easy and Effective Tips to Keep Your Carpets Neat and Clean Always

Keeping a carpet clean can be difficult even after your best efforts, anywhere in this world including Singapore, as it is prone to spills, drops, dirty shoes and accidents. Some home carpet cleaning tips are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard.

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Instead of rubbing blot the stains

You should use a clean cloth or towel dabbed in cleaning solution to blot the stain on your carpet. Blotting will soak the stain by putting small amount of pressure on it. You should not rub the stain as it can send the stain deep into the carpet fibers and can damage them before time. While blotting the stain you should move from outside to inside the carpet otherwise it can spread the stain outwardly.

Use Club Soda on the stain

Club soda can help in erasing stains of wine and beer from your carpet if used properly. Take soda on a cloth and blot the stain. You can also spray the mixture of water and white vinegar on the stain, if club soda fails to remove it. You should allow the spray to soak into the stain by remaining on it for 10-15 minutes. Then soak the solution along with stain by press a clean cloth on it. Now rinse that spot with warm water, after the stain is removed. You can raise ht strands of carpet by using a hand brush.

Use Shaving Cream

An ordinary shaving cream can also be one of the best carpet cleaners as it can remove almost all types of stains from your carpet. You can directly apply the shaving cream on the stain and let it remain there for nearly 30 minutes. Then blot it with a clean dry white cloth to remove the cream and stain. You can finally spray the mixture of white vinegar and water and wipe it away with a clean cloth.

Freeze chewing gum

If chewing gum has stuck into the carpet then it can mess up your carpet as it will stick to its strands and can damage them if not removed as soon as possible. You can remove chewing gum by putting few cubes of ice form your refrigerator. They can freeze the gum within few seconds. You can use a spoon to lift the chewing gum from the strands of the carpet, once it is frozen. If some of the chewing gum still remains on the carpet you can cut some of your carpet strands to make this spot unnoticeable.

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Remove grease with Dishwasher Detergent

The difficult to clean spots of grease on your carpet can be cleaned easily by using few drops of dishwasher detergent as it can easily cut the grease. Pour few drops of detergent in a cup of water and pour it on the spot. It will cut the grease as it cuts from your utensils. Now spray the solution of water and white vinegar on the spot and blot it with clean cloth to soak up the detergent along with the stain. On larger stain you will have to repeat this process several times.

Removal of Wax

If wax has dropped on the caret while burning candles then it can be difficult to remove immediately as wax gets embedded into the carpet after getting cool. This wax can be removed just by heating it up again. You can use an iron and white cloth to remove wax. Put the cloth on the wax spot on the carpet and put hot iron on the cloth to warm up the wax. Now you can use a butter knife to scrape off the wax. After removing wax you should put a paper towel on that spot and put hot iron on it to bind the remaining wax into the paper towel. You can repeat this process to remove entire wax from the carpet. But the iron should not be used for more than 30 minutes on the carpet as it can damage its strands by burning them. Moreover you should not use colored cloth to remove wax as color of the cloth can transfer to your carpet and damage its looks, especially if the carpet color is light.

Remove blood stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Sometimes few drops of blood from a cut on your finger or from any other part of your body can stain your carpet. But few drops of blood cannot ruin your costly carpet as they can be removed by using Hydrogen peroxide. It blood stain is dry then first of all use mild detergent mixed water to loosen the stain. After wetting the stain you can scrape away the blood as much as you can. Now you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the remaining blood form it. As it will come in contact with blood stain it will form foam which will make it easier to remove the stain entirely. Then dab dry the spot with a towel.

Organic cleaning of pet accidents

Pets can spoil your carpet by accident even if he is potty-trained properly. In such condition, you should first of all scrub away the solid waste. Then instead of using any chemical you can use a bottle of organic cleaner to spray the solution on the stain. Then use a cloth or towel to wipe away the cleaner and stain. This method can also be used to remove stains of sauce and coffee.

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If Candy is crushed on the carpet

The kids in the home can increase the chances of crushing candy on the carpet. You can use a butter knife or brush to scrape away the candy. Then you can remove all the sugar from the carpet by dabbing with a sponge containing the mixture of mild soap and water. Then blot the spot with clean dry towel or cloth.

Regular deep cleaning of carpet

To maintain the new and fresh looks of your carpet it is important to keep it clean. You can set a Spring Cleaning schedule with a carpet cleaning service to remove all the debris and dirt along with all types of stains from it.

Thus, by following the carpet cleaning tips provided in this write-up you can always make your carpet look fresh and new, easily and effectively, in Singapore.

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