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Carpet Hot Water Extraction Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
Carpet Hot Water Extraction Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

Want to know if dry carpet cleaning is better or hot water extraction carpet cleaning? Carpets are the floor coverings found in almost everyone’s house. But, in the process of being a decorative floor item, it accumulates all the dirt and dust particles. So, cleaning and maintaining them is also a task to be performed as they are a one-time investment. Many people think that cleaning the carpet with water will lead to loss of shine and colour of the carpet. There is also this misconception that they get easily dirtied after being cleaned up, which is false. On a general basis, the home carpets should be cleaned at least once in a year, on our own or with the help of the professional carpet cleaning services. There are many common methods to clean the carpet, amongst which two of them are the most preferred and are the most commonly used method. They are carpet hot water extraction method, and dry carpet cleaning method.

Carpet hot water extraction method is generally recommended by carpet makers. The hot water solution is forced into the carpet along with high amount of pressure, which is again sucked up out of the carpet with the dirt particles in the carpet. It is also known as steam cleaning, or warm water extraction method. Dry carpet cleaning is a dry method in which cleaning pads are soaked in the chemical cleaning solution and squeezed in a light manner to clean the dirt and dust of the carpets. Since, this method helps to dry the carpet in very less time, it is gaining popularity.

The following points help to distinguish these two main methods of washing and cleaning the carpet-
• Washing the carpets under the dry cleaning method can lead to distortion and deterioration in the quality of fabric of the carpet. But, the fabric quality of the carpets washed out using hot water extraction method is very well maintained.

• The carpets get easily dried up under dry carpet cleaning method. Carpets washed under carpet hot water extraction method need their own time to dry up.

• Hot water extraction method ensures effective cleaning as it cleans the carpet using dilute detergent solution, along with hot water. But, carpets washed under dry carpet cleaning method draw all dirt particles towards them even after being cleaned up.

• In case of hot water extraction method, the total amount of water.
• Carpet goes through the thorough carpet brushing under dry cleaning method, while it is not so in the case of hot water extraction.

• Dry carpet cleaning is a labour extensive method, while hot water extraction is a capital extensive method as in this; carpets are cleaned done with the help of machines.

• Pre-treatments that are involved under the method of hot water extraction take a long time, around twenty minutes. But, the pre-treatments involved under dry carpet cleaning method takes less time, less than fifteen minutes.

The choice between the two must be made clearly. So, you should clean your carpets regularly and make them stain free. If you are confused about the choice of the method, you can take assistance and advice from a professional cleaning service to maintain the quality and charm of your carpet for a long period of time.
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