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Why You Should Clean Your Carpet Regularly

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Why You Should Clean Your Carpet Regularly

A carpet provides a homely feeling especially if it is found at home. However, many people have 2 major misconceptions about carpets and their upkeep. One of this is that washing a carpet too often will ruin it. This used to be true in the past where the washing material were nothing more than brushing soap made from coconut oil on the carpet and letting it dry. This inefficient habit has since been removed and replaced with highly effective ways to clean your carpet.

The next myth is that cleaning your carpet is extremely difficult or expensive. This is untrue because the rise in purchase of carpets has made more business for cleaning companies that the price has become more affordable. Carpet cleaning is no longer through water and soap and has evolved to make it more fuss-free to clean a carpet. Below are some compelling reasons why cleaning your carpet is important.

One of the reasons that compelled you to buy a carpet would be definitely the look and feel it adds to a house. The better you keep your carpet clean with regular cleaning, the better the fiber of the carpet and the printing will last for decades to come. The reason being is that dust and dirt dulls the colour of the carpet and makes it look tardy. Cleaning a carpet is similar to washing a car; it will shine brilliantly and reward you for the effort you put in to clean it. Just like you would not like your colleagues to see you driving to work with a car covered in bird droppings, neither would you want your guests drop by your humble abode will your carpets looking dull.

An educated reason why carpets are becoming more popular is the ability it has to trap dust, dirt and grime. This ensures that harmful bacteria and dust is not flying around the house infecting everyone with the breeze created by fans, air-conditioning and even the window. The breeze brings up the lightweight pollutants and into the air we breathe in. The carpet causes these pollutants to get trapped in its thick woven materials and keep the air quality good.

However, just like every filter, it needs to either be replaced or clean or else it becomes the breeding ground for the contaminants you wanted to get rid of from the air. Your children and your elderly parents who gather around the carpet while you are watching your television or having your family time will soon turn out to be infection season for these contaminants. A carpet can also lose its efficiency in trapping these pollutants if it is dirty. Thus, cleaning your carpet is similar to the same reason you wash your wipe-cloth once in a while. Similarly, your carpet can go back to making the air clean again right after you have cleaned it.

Cleaning your carpet out will extend the life span of your carpet by removing abrasive sand, dirt and other foreign objects which could damage the fibers with extensive foot movement on it which shifts these pollutants around. It is only logical knowing that you spend so much on carpeting and take care of it so that it will last for many more years to come.
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