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Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

If you are looking for carpet cleaning tips and ideas on how to extend the life of your carpet then you have come to the right place. Most people do not realize that there are certain things you can do to make your carpet last longer, look brighter and smell fresher. It is just something we walk on and no one really pays attention. But it can get to be quite expensive having to replace your carpet every few years.

Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

These carpet cleaning tips and the tips for maintaining your carpet will help to greatly extend its life.

1. Manufacturers recommend that you vacuum your carpet once a week. You can do it more often, if necessary, in areas of high traffic. Frequent vacuuming prevents dirt and dust particles from building up and damaging the carpet fibres. Every 3 or 4 weeks you should also use the crevice too to clean around baseboards and other hard to reach places.

2. It is important to take you time when vacuuming, especially if your carpet is very thick or plush, so you are sure to get all the dirt that may be deeply embedded in the fibres. One swipe of the vacuum is not enough. Go over each area slowly, several times, paying special attention to areas that get heavier traffic.

3. If odour is a problem, you can lightly sprinkle baking soda over your carpet, wait about 20 minutes for it to absorb the odours, and then vacuum it up. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a small box of baking soda and use it in the same manner to give you room your favourite fragrance.

4. If you happen to spill something on your carpet, the quicker you clean it the better your chances of removing it and preventing a stain. Carefully blot or scrape the entire area before you tackle it with any kind of cleaning solution, removing as much of the moisture or soil as you possibly can.

5. Before you try one of those harsh cleansers, be sure to try it out on a small spot first to make sure it will not damage or discolour your carpet. When applying the cleanser, do not rub the spill. That will only make it spread into the surrounding fibres and make it that much harder to try to remove. Word from the outside in, blotting up the moisture as you go.

6. Using a clean, white bath towel is your best bet. The chemicals in some cleaners may cause the colouring in your towel to bleed off onto the carpet as you are cleaning. Use the clean white towel to brush the nap back up to a standing position as you are cleaning the spill.

7. When you have finished your carpet cleaning, blot up as much excess moisture as possible. Then, cover the area with an absorbent white towel or a stack of paper towels and weight it down. Once the towels have absorbed all the moisture, uncover the spot and let it air dry.

Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Hiring Professional Cleaners Singapore

If you have toddlers and pets, you will need to perform carpet cleaning more often. If you do not have the time to maintain your carpet or have the tools to shampoo it regularly, you should consider hiring Singapore professionals to do the job. Pros can also get deep-seated dirt out and sanitize your carpet better than you can.

Sure, you can vacuum your carpets every other day, but that won't be enough to get harmful bacteria and grime out. Professional carpet cleaners Singapore use steam cleaners and special tools and soap solutions for tough dirt on carpet. They can get ugly stains out and make your carpet look new.

Some stains you cannot get out on your own are red wine stains, grease stains, mould stains, pet stains and odours. Each type of stain requires a different method and cleaning solution to remove them. Professional cleaning companies know what to do to get these tough stains out.

To make sure that tough stains are eliminated, it is important to find a good carpet cleaning company that is honest and knows what they are doing. You need your carpet to look fresh and new. But finding a good company can be tricky, particularly with hundreds of carpet cleaning companies in your areas to choose from. Some of the questions you have to be asked can get right here.

Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company

1. First, it is important that you find an honest and reputable company. However, most companies do not deliver on their promises. You need to ask your family and friends to get referrals, and you should check out the online reviews. Make a background check on the company. You are able to visit a number of different websites and check out what other clients are saying about the carpet cleaning service.

2. Once you have narrowed down the options, you can start calling around and try to ask about costs. It is advisable to select a service that charges a set amount for the cleaning. Therefore, before they clean, be sure you have paid the final cost, so that they won't send you a payment for every little thing which is done. Be cautious about services who charge a much cheaper price than the other companies. They offer low charges to get you to choose their service, and they make an effort to inform you additional pricey items once they enter into your home.

3. Additionally, you may want to know other type of services being offered by the service provider. You need to figure out if they will move house furniture and try to take off the extremely difficult spots. You also must find out what procedure that will be utilised to clean your carpet. It is advisable to select a company that gives steam cleaning or hot water removal. Dry cleaning can harm your carpet, so do not hire a company that will dry cleans your carpet.

4. It is important that you will get the commitment in writing before your carpet is cleaned. You need to be sure your carpet is effectively cleaned as described by the service provider. And when the company tries to charge miscellaneous fees, you can show them the writing you both agreed on.

5. In choosing a carpet cleaning service, ensure that you are getting the best services for that cost. You can then feel comfortable knowing that your carpet will probably be cleaned effectively, and it will also seem to be brand new.

By following these tips and tricks, you will keep your carpet clean always and make it last longer. If you can't clean your carpet yourself, make sure you hire the best company in Singapore to do the job for you.

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