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Which Of These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Are You Making?

Most people ignore many things that are happening to their carpets. Even after vacuuming a carpet regularly it gathers nearly 25 pounds of dirt and soil in a year. This dust and dirt can damage the fibre of your carpet, as it has the potential even to cut a glass, if it is used very frequently. Similarly most carpet owners make a number of carpet cleaning mistakes which can cause permanent damage to the carpet. Some of the mistakes people usually do while cleaning their carpets are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.


Walk on barefoot to protect the carpet:

Most people think that they can prolong the life of their carpet if they walk barefoot on it. Though, it is better than walking on it with shoes but still you cannot avoid the infestation of released oils, growth of bacteria and sweat from feet by walking on it barefoot. The oils and sweat released by your feet on the carpet will attract dirt on its fibre which in turn can help in the growth of bacteria and damaging it. So instead of walking on the carpet you can wear house slippers while walking on the carpet.

Depend only on vacuum cleaning:

Though it is necessary to vacuum your carpet at least once a week if not twice but only vacuuming is not enough to clean its entire dust and dirt. Your vacuum cleaner cleans its upper layer only but to dig out deep settled dirt and soil and the hair of pet mixed with its fibre you will have to use certain special tool known as carpet rake. In order to extend the life of your carpet you should use these tools at least once a month.

Consider dark spots are dirt only:

Normally the areas of carpet having more footfalls get damaged very easily. These damaged spots establish dark patterned spots, if they are not cleaned frequently. Moreover the cleaning of these dark spots is also not easy as the spot still remains dark even if its dirt is removed effectively. This darkness is due to the refraction of light from the damaged fibres of the carpet cued by their crushing with dirt. You can avoid such damages and increase the life of your carpet by vacuuming it regularly along with covering the carpet with a dirt retardant sheet.

Carpet Cleaning

Remove odour just by cleaning the carpet:

While washing carpet various types of cleaning agents like deodorizers, brighteners, bleach and fabric softeners are used for different purposes along with increasing the life of the carpet. But some people use perfumed cleaners with an assumption that they will also deodorise their carpets, but that is not true. Some special products should be used to remove the bad smell and bacteria from the carpet instead of basic cleaners only.

Do not clean spills immediately:

The spills cannot be cleaned perfectly if they are not cleaned as soon as possible. But sometimes it is not possible due to their occurrence in your absence or your busy schedule. The stains of the spills become harder to clean with the passage of time as sometimes the spilled liquid get deep into the carpet and stain all of its piles instead of its surface only. The fibre of the carpet binds up with other materials which sometimes become impossible to remove after some time. You will have to apply some advanced technique to remove such stains.

Use cleaning agent without testing:

Sometimes people use any cleaner to clean the stains from their carpet either due to negligence or short of time. But most of the times such negligence can damage your carpet as the cleaner you have used may have some chemicals which can be harmful for your carpet. So it is important to read the label to know about its ingredients and test it at a small portion of your carpet, which is not visible directly, so that you can clean it effectively without damaging it.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Overuse of powdered cleaners:

Various types of powdered products are available in the market which can be used to eliminate odours and spills immediately. These powders are recommended to u se excessively even if they are effective to great extent. Sometimes these powders do not remove the spills entirely and the residual of the spill can damage the fibre of the carpet if left for long time. You should use some special procedure to remove the spills and stains completely. Moreover the overuse or improper removal of the powder can cause build-ups in your carpet which can damage its fibre and texture if left for long time.

Vigorous scrubbing of carpet:

In order to remove some stubborn stains from the carpet people sometimes scrub on it vigorously. But sometimes the stain spreads deeper and wider as you go on scrubbing on it. Moreover the fibres of your carpet get untwisted and struggle to maintain their existence when they are vigorously scrubbed. So to remove stubborn stains you should use damped clean cloth to dab the area lightly instead of using your muscle power. It will help in removing the stain from top to bottom in a gradual manner.

Clean the carpet yourself:

Some people use DIY techniques to clean their carpets along with other things in their home. Saving money is also one of the reasons of cleaning the carpet yourself. You can prevent the build-ups caused by dirt and debris in your carpet by vacuum cleaning it regularly. You can also prevent the entry of dirt and debris directly on your carpet by placing a doormat at the entry of your home. Though you can extend the life of your carpet with their consistent care you but still the need of professional carpet cleaners cannot be avoided entirely. In order to maintain the looks of your carpet you should get it thoroughly cleaned with the help of a professional cleaner at least once a year. They have all the expertise and equipment required to remove the embedded debris left behind after vacuuming it by you throughout the year.

Thus by avoiding the carpet cleaning mistakes discussed in this write-up you can certainly increase its life and appearance for long.

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