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Advantages And Disadvantages Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

One the latest reliable statistics reveal that over eighty percent of people living in Singapore have had their home’s floors covered by carpets. Indeed, carpets are home improvement materials that make the floor look elegant, attractive, and appealing to both homeowners and visitors. Besides that, a carpeted floor makes it easier to clean the room. It is evident that carpets are beautiful masterpiece luxury to have at home. They provide a soft and warm environment in your home. Nothing is soothing the heart like running your feet and toes over a smooth, fluffy clean carpet. The physical characteristics of most carpets make them susceptible to the attraction of soil, fur, dust, and any other foreign material that was previously on the bottom of your shoes or feet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

It is more probable that the appearance of your carpet will not be the same it was on the day it was installed, probably because it has attracted some dirt and its color tainted. Another reason why it looks different is that it has not been cleaned or if cleaned, the work was not done in the right way. As we all know, dirt is everywhere, and it does not matter how clean your carpets look like, it has to be cleaned periodically. Although it might not easy to estimate the exact frequency of carpet cleaning, depending on some other factors such as traffic in your home and whether you have small kids or pets, the time between cleanings can vary from one to two years.

As earlier mentioned, regular carpet cleaning is one of the secrets of keeping your carpet clean, long life, and shinnying forever. Over the years, with the introduction of carpet cleaning tools, this task has become one of the easiest jobs ever! Through the efficient use of carpet cleaners like vacuum cleaners and other cleaning agents, as a homeowner, you can be able to remove and kind of stain or dirt appearing on your carpet. Typically, cleaning of this nature is often do-it-yourself or abbreviated as DIY service.

Nonetheless, some people do not know to clean carpets, and therefore, they end up hiring carpet cleaning professionals to come and do so on their behave. Even if the objective of removing stains and dirt has been achieved, they have to spend a little more for the rendered service. So, the question being putting forward is: What are some of the pros and cons of DIY when it comes to carpet cleaning?

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Pros and cons of DIY carpet cleaning


There're various reasons as to why people may choose to clean their carpets by themselves, and this forms the basis of advantages of DIY. It includes the following.

#1. It is less expensive that professional carpet cleaning services

Let us hit the nail on the head while it is still hot. Nowadays, most people are facing a serious financial crisis, and saving money to spend on necessities is inevitable. One thing that should be clearer is that many carpet cleaning companies have their packages a little bit higher, and hence not affordable to many people working under constrained budgets. Nonetheless, the objective of having your carpet clean should not be overlooked. As earlier mentioned, carpet cleaning technologies have advanced tremendously and nowadays, cleaning agents and vacuum cleaners are readily available in the market. It is evident the carpet vacuum cleaners are a little expensive to buy, but if you are an economist, it is better to buy once, and use it for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you can hire a vacuum cleaner from your vicinity. Other cleaning agents are affordable. Therefore, once you have all the necessary cleaning equipment and tools, then the task of cleaning should not be a problem. By doing it yourself, you will, in the long run, save a lot of money, that would otherwise be spent on hiring cleaning professionals.

#2. DIY carpet cleaning is convenient

Once you have the necessary carpet cleaning agents and tools, then you have the freedom to choose the right time you want to clean your carpets. You can decide to be cleaning them on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, the choice is yours! If you have ever sorted the services of a cleaning company, it is more probable that you faced some inconveniences like waiting for them for longer periods, arriving at your home at odd hours instead of the agreed time, dishonest cleaners who are snooping into your house, and so on. DIY cleaning option can resolve all these mishaps.

#3. Suitable when carrying out regular cleaning

If you are living with people who are allergic to dust and other allergens, then it is highly advisable that you be cleaning your carpets on a more regularly basis, like weekly for instance. Carpet cleaning of this nature requires just removal dust and soil from the carpet, which does not require the action of expensive carpet cleaning professionals.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Cons of DIY carpet cleaning

Despite the fact that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning has several advantages, at some point, it has limitations. Indeed, the following are some of the cons of DIY carpet cleaning.

#1. Difficulty in getting out all the stains and dirt
If you are planning to clean carpets by your own, then it is assumed that you know the difference in carpet fiber and construction and what cleaning tool or agent is suitable for what cleaning purpose. If you are sure, you may choose to spend one or two reading books and researching on the same. All these are a waste of time, and you should note that if you use the wrong procedures or cleaning agents, you might just do a messy job and permanently damage your carpet. Worse still, there’re some stains or dirt that are difficult to remove, and the only option is to seek the next alternative, which includes hiring a cleaning expert!

#2. Time consuming

Cleaning carpets are not entirely an easy task, and it calls for more energy and time. You could be good in cleaning, but you might have limited time to do so because you are busy elsewhere. In this case, hiring cleaning professionals comes into play.

#3. Risk of damage and consequentially higher costs

Indeed, if you have what it takes in cleaning carpets, then it is not impossible to clean it yourself. However, there are several risks involved. In fact, it will cost you more if you damage the carpet by accident from using wrong products or incorrect procedures. Besides that, as earlier mentioned, if you do not have the necessary cleaning materials, you may decide to hire. Typically, renting cleaning equipment can sometimes be quite expensive in case there are some damages on the rented piece of equipment. In fact, most companies renting cleaning materials require their customers to pay the damage deposit and other hidden charges. At the end of the day, the cost incurred can be exorbitant.


Therefore, when planning to have your carpets cleaned, it is wise to look at both sides of the coin and choose the one the favors you. As a matter of fact, there are many reputable carpet cleaning companies out there, and they can serve you if need be. However, for those who are looking on the cost side, they may decide on the DIY carpet cleaning.

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