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Straight to reality, carpets get dirty. And when it does, getting in clean again can be a chore. Due to this, many people opt to engage services for carpet cleaning. Cleaning equipment used by cleaning companies is far superior to equipment one can purchase or rent.

Many people have different views on the best methods for cleaning. Steam cleaning has been said to be a best, however it is a misconception. The right way of phrasing it would be called hot water extraction. The machine uses hot water to clean and rinse the carpet. Hence, embedded dirt is removed and life of carpet is prolonged.

Another preferred method would be dry cleaning. This is done by beating powder into the carpet with a beater bar. The powder would not be removable unless knocked off via the back of the carpet, which in certain circumstances is impossible. Hence dry cleaning methods are not able to cleanse and rinse well. Excess water cannot be removed.

Professionals mention that once a stain has been properly removed it will be gone. What looks like stains are residue left due to wet spots and dirt.

Most major manufacturers of carpets recommend steam cleaning (hot water extraction) for carpets. New cleaning processes are known as dry steam. Dry steam cleaning is meant ensure that carpets are dry once the process is finished. Dry Steam cleaning uses more water than hot water extraction yet leaves no residue or water. The only disadvantage of it is that it takes a longer period of time to dry out as steam cleaning usually can cover up to a large area.

Plentiful of methods for carpet cleaning, hence it will be best to choose and decide on one preference. Most companies offer promotions on 2 or more rooms. The best is to always try out both methods and decide the favourable method. There are many available carpet cleaning companies around, search for the best deal that is the most suitable for you.

Always look for residue from soap and check how long it takes for your carpets to dry. If it’s in a high traffic area, it will be prone to stains. Check if stains are completely removed after cleaning. With children around, it’s best to clean more frequently You may also check with your family members on preferences because what you like best might not appear the same for them.

It is never easy to find a good carpet cleaning company in Singapore. Always do your research properly because most of the time, you will not be using the company once. Carpet needs to be clean once every 3 months depending on the traffic of the premises.

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