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6 Tips On How To Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

How to Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

If you have chosen to have carpeting in your home, you need to know how to properly care for it. After all, carpeting can be quite expensive, and the last thing you want to do is replace it within a couple of years, when all it takes is a little bit of preventative maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking fresh and new for many years. From time to time, your carpets will need to be deep-cleaned. This doesn’t mean that your home is dirty. Even with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, there is still a need to get deep into the fibers. In this article, you will learn how to get the best deals on carpet cleaning, and how to keep your carpets fresh and clean between deep-cleanings.

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is extremely important, and not just for the sake of appearances. If you don’t have a clean carpet, you may be risking the health of yourself and your family. There are several benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners to come to your home regularly (at least once every two to three months), as well as doing your own carpet cleaning between professional jobs. These include:

Prevent Mold – If there is any dampness in your home, you have to stay on top of things to avoid a buildup of mold. This is something that can get into your carpets, and because the carpeting is warm, the mold can continue to develop and grow. This can cause serious issues for those who never had health problems before, and it is extremely dangerous for anyone who has breathing problems, allergies, and sensitive skin. It is also not good for children, who tend to play on the floor a lot.

Eliminate Bugs–Even if you don’t think that there are bugs in your home, there are, and they often hide in carpets. They will shed their skins and leave feces behind, which can lead to health problems for anyone living in the home. Over time, insects can also create a terrible odor that will permeate the entire house.

Improved Air Quality – Your carpet collects a lot of dust and allergens. Regular vacuuming and deep-cleaning will help to eliminate a lot of the dust and allergens, and improve the air quality throughout your home.

Improved Carpet Appearance – Cleaning your carpets regularly will help to keep them looking great. Dirt will eventually cause the carpet fibers to compact, and your carpet will soon start to look old and dirty, even if it is relatively new. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help to keep the carpets free of dust and dirt so they always look fresh and new.

How to Get the Best Deals on Carpet Cleaning

Just because there are no actual promotions going on, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great deal on your carpet cleaning. If there are no deals, it still doesn’t hurt to ask the carpet cleaning company if they have any discounts they can offer. You never know if you don’t ask. If they want your business, they will do whatever they can to make sure that you deal with them, including offering unadvertised discounts.

Cleaning your carpets regularly between professional cleanings is another great way to keep the prices down. The less that the cleaners have to do, the less it is going to cost. Regular vacuuming and immediate spot removal will help to keep your carpets looking great between professional cleanings, and make your carpets easier and cheaper to clean.

Don’t forget to do a bit of comparison shopping before choosing a carpet cleaner. Not all companies are the same, and they all have different techniques, supplies, and pricing. It is a good idea to shop around to make sure that you are going to hire a carpet cleaning company that not only has the lowest prices, but also uses products that are not going to be harmful to your health or to the environment.

Did you know that when you are hiring carpet cleaners in Singapore that you can get discounts if you ask them to clean high traffic areas in your home, such as hallways and entryways? This is because even though there may be a lot of dirt in these areas, there is usually very little furniture or other items, so the work is actually easier to do.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean between Cleanings

It is important that you take steps to keep your carpets as clean as possible between professional cleanings. Not only does this make the professional cleaning less expensive, it also keeps your carpets looking great and your home is healthier all around. In addition to weekly vacuuming (with a carpet freshener to keep your home smelling great), you need to make sure that you are always on top of spills. The sooner you can clean them, the better. Follow these simple steps to clean stains from your carpets:

As soon as something is spilled, lay clean towels over the area and start blotting up the spot. If it is a big spill, you may need to use a small pile of towels. Paper towels are okay, but it is best to use actual fabric towels with fibers that will pick up the mess. Try to use white towels, because that way you can see when the stains are being lifted because they will transfer to the towels.

Never rub the spot, because this is going to cause the stain to spread outwards, as well as go deeper into the carpet fibers.

Spot-clean with a carpet cleaning solution. Before doing this, test the cleaner on an area of the carpet that isn’t visible (perhaps the carpeting in a closet). You need to make sure that the cleaning solution isn’t going to cause more harm than good. Some solutions are not good for all types of carpeting.

When you hunt around for the best deals on carpet cleaning, and you do your part to keep your carpets fresh and clean between professional cleanings, your carpet should look great for many years. So, not only will you be saving money on having your carpets cleaned, you will also be saving money by not having to replace your carpets every few years.
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