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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Steaming Your Curtain

Curtains are an important part of interior d├ęcor.
Moreover, they keep allergens and dust at bay.
Curtains should be properly maintained, so as to keep their attractiveness and prevent them from getting stained.

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One of the best cleaning methods for curtains is curtain steaming. Here are some of its advantages:

-- There are no harmful chemicals used, thus is environmentally friendly
-- Your curtains will be disinfected and sanitized;
-- Dust mites will be killed preventing allergies,
-- It gets rid of bad odor and stubborn stains,
-- Your curtain's life span will be maintained,
-- And it's gentle on fabrics.

Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Steaming Your Curtain:

1. Failing to inspect curtains before you wash them

Before you even begin cleaning your curtains, you must inspect them.
One of the things to look out for is whether they have been affected by sun, resulting in sun rotting complications.
If they have any sun rotting, they will tear when steaming.
The best thing to do is use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and make plans to get new ones.

2.Failing to follow the manufacturer's guidelines

Guidelines on how to clean your curtain are usually printed on the label.
Moreover, if you purchased your curtains from a reputable store, you must have been advised on proper maintenance techniques.
Before cleaning the curtains, read the instructions keenly.
For instance, it is important to check whether they should be cleaned using a washing machine, hand-washed or steamed.
Heavy curtains should not be cleaned using a washing machine, as they could damage internal parts.
Heavy curtains, or those that are difficult to remove from the rails, are ideal for steaming.
Failing to follow the instructions will ultimately damage the curtains.

3.Failing to follow the right steaming procedure

The right curtain steaming procedure involves setting the steamer's extendable arm, to ensure that it can reach the top of the curtains.
Test the steamer before you begin steaming, by holding it around 10 inches from the curtain.
Steam the top of the curtains first.
This allows the dirt and dust to fall down.
The steamer should be run down the curtain's length, that is, in straight lines from top to bottom.
Do this for both curtain sides.
If the curtains are high, you can break the length in parts.
If there are still wrinkles, you can move the steamer about 10" inches closer to the curtain.
If there are wet patches, then you are holding the steamer too close.
Find an optimal distance at which to do the steaming.
All the windows should be closed.
After steaming, do not do any further cleaning, especially dusting for an hour or more, as the curtains may not be dry and will pick up dust.

4. Waiting for too long

Most people wait for too long before steaming their curtains.
There are ways that prevent frequent steaming of the curtains, for example, reducing absorption of smells.
When you are cooking, the kitchen door should remain closed.
You should also avoid smoking, unless when outdoors.
Regular vacuuming of curtains will help remove dust and dirt, thus stains are not ground into the curtain's fabric.
Taking the curtains down from time to time and hanging them in the breeze will also help reduce bad smell. All these things will make steaming easier.

5. Failing to hire a professional

Well, curtain steaming is possible, even without a professional's help.
However, with very busy working schedules in Singapore, effective cleaning is not possible.
The best thing to do is hire a professional, who will take their time to clean your curtain using the most appropriate procedure, and do it thoroughly and keenly.
Remember, curtains can be quite expensive, and maintaining them is better than having to purchase other curtains, after damaging them as you try to steam clean.
Having them cleaned by a professional will also ensure that they remain elegant and durable.

These are the 5 most common mistakes that many people make when curtain steaming.
Now that you know them, you will be more careful next time so as to make curtain cleaning an enjoyable experience, and ensure better results that will not only leave your curtains clean, beautiful, germ and mite free, but also ensure that their durability is maintained.
You now know!

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