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5 Office Carpet Cleaning Myths


5 Office Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are several myths that exists on how to and when to clean an office carpet. There are five myths addressed in this article to make it clear on how and when office carpet cleaning should be undertaken.

These myths are:

A carpet should be cleaned for the longest possible duration
This is a major myth when it comes to carpet cleaning. Many people feel that cleaning a carpet should take much time in order for it to be clean. Though this was true in the past when shampooing was the major carpet cleaning method, it is not a fact in the modern era. Many office owners still get their carpets soaked by unprofessional cleaners in the belief that soaking will clean it best.
Carpet Cleaning
This is not true since soaking can make the carpet get dirty again faster as dirt residues can remain after many days of waiting for the carpet to dry. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that once a carpet is cleaned professionally, it can be rinsed and dried in few hours and become residue-free. A professionally cleaned office carpet can also last longer.

Carpet cleaning should only be done when a carpet looks dirty
Many people believe that carpets should only be cleaned when they appear dirty. It should be noted that carpets have fabric materials just like bed sheets. They always get dirt daily from substances such as dust, grease, pollen, soil, and drinks among other substances. Waiting for them to look dirty prior to cleaning will end up in the carpet accumulating too much dirt. Thus, carpets should be cleaned regularly but not waiting for them to look dirty.

Bleaching chemicals are good stain removers
This is another myth that surrounds office carpet cleaning. Many people believe that bleaching will remove all the stains on a carpet. However, it should be noted that bleaching may indeed remove stains but it will also bleach all the colors on a carpet. Some carpet materials such as woolen materials may even dissolve while bleaching. This destroys the carpet and you will end up having a new one. It should be thereby noted that bleaching should be avoided when cleaning a carpet.

There is a single stain removal that will remove all stains
It is also a myth that there exists a single stain remover that can remove all stains on a carpet. In office carpet cleaning, it should be noted that different stains require different stain removers. For instance, a grease stain and a soil stain require different types of stain removers. Many people tend to be misled by ads that purport there exists a single stain remover to remove all stains on a carpet. Many professional carpet cleaners actually use more than ten stain removers.

Any carpet cleaning method is good
Some people believe that as long as a carpet is being cleaned by whichever method, it will be clean. It should be notable that some carpet cleaning methods are superior to others. For instance, truck mount cleaning method is more superior to shampooing.

All in all, it is necessary to ensure that you only hire professional office carpet cleaning personnel in order for your carpet to be cleaned professionally.

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