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12 Useful Tips For Persian Rugs Cleaning

Persian or oriental rugs have always been popular in Singapore. They allow you to create an atmosphere of urban artistry, elegance and beauty in your home. The same level of aesthetic appeal can’t be achieved with a regular rug. Although Persian rugs allow you to set a high standard, they require a very high level of maintenance. When you want to focus on rugs cleaning, it’s important to focus on some easy and convenient tips. In this post, we have discussed these tips to make sure your rugs remain in excellent condition.

Although all kinds of rugs require proper vacuuming, it’s even more important for Persian rugs. Vacuuming your Persian rugs on a regular basis allows you to prevent natural fibers from getting packed down by excess traffic. According to experts, it is better to turn off the vacuum’s beater bar. This helps you prevent tears or runs in the delicate fibers. You can seek help from online tutorials to understand the right way to clean Persian rugs.


Spot clean

In case you don’t immediately spot clean after a spill, stains may develop. Such stains are very hard to remove. While spot cleaning the rug, you should dab the stain with a soft, dry cloth. You need to make sure the cloth soaks up all the liquid. It is better to avoid bleach, soap or some other regular cleaning product on a Persian rug. Such cleansing agents can damage the delicate fibers in the rug. In fact, it’s recommended to use only water to get rid of the stain. If you are unable to remove the stain with just water, it is better to consult an experienced professional, who specializes in maintaining and cleaning Persian rugs. This allows effective and safe removal of the difficult stain.

Utilize padding

When you carefully place soft padding beneath the Persian rug, it allows you to keep the rug stabilized. This protects the overall shape of the rug and reduces wrinkling. In addition to this, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of the rug. Most importantly, it makes the rug more comfortable and safer to walk on.

Change the Pathway

Once you have cleaned the rug, you should change pathway on a regular basis. This helps you prevent wearing down of only one region of the rug. In addition to this, you should also rearrange the furniture to create new pathways about every six months. This increases the lifespan of your rug.

Wipe Down

When it comes to rugs cleaning, wiping down is a safer alternative to beating the rug. You should refresh the surface by simply wiping down the rug with a sponge or piece of cloth. You should dampen it with cold water. This helps you restore rug fibers and remove surface dust. It instantly provides your rug with a clean and fresh look.

Rugs Cleaning

Rotate Regularly

According to some experts, you need to rotate the rug only once every two years. However, others believe that you should rotate the rug on a regular basis, especially after rugs cleaning. In fact, you should rotate the rug once every couple of months. This is even more important when your rug has been placed in a high traffic area. It makes cleaning easier and simpler. Moreover, rotating the rug allows you to distribute wear and tear evenly. It gives your rug a uniform look, which helps maintain both value and appearance.

Block Sunlight

Over time, sunlight may cause the dye in the fibers to fade dramatically. In order to prevent premature fading of the rug during the cleaning process, you should block direct sunlight from hitting the rug’s surface. If this is not possible, you need to make sure the rug is rotated frequently. This ensures uniform fading.

Flip the Rug

It’s worth mentioning that most Persian rugs have fringes on both ends. These can become tangled and twisted easily. This makes it difficult to clean the rug properly. It is important to avoid combining the fringe to release tangles and twists. This prevents your rug’s natural fibers from unnecessary damage. It’s recommended to flip the rug to allow the fringes to straighten out naturally. You can simply grab one end of the rug and walk it over the other end. Besides this process, you should also gently shake the rug to straighten out the fringes.

Air It Out

Moisture build up on a Persian rug can have devastating effects. In fact, you may also notice mildew and mold growth. In order to reduce bad odor, you should hang the Persian rug to dry outside for a few hours. This needs to be done once every six months.

Persian Rugs Cleaning

High End Cleaning Equipment

In the last few years, there have been numerous advancements in technology. In order to ensure the perfect rugs cleaning job, it is important to use high-end cleaning equipment. With appropriate equipment, you are able to clean the edges and bring the natural fibers back to their original state. Professionals use cleaning uniforms and trucks to show their dedication and commitment.


As mentioned earlier, Persian rugs cleaning should never involve regular cleaning agents, such as soap, bleach or detergent. It’s important to look for a high quality rug cleanser, which is easily available online. If you choose a professional company, you won’t have to worry about this aspect of the cleaning.

Professional Washing

According to industry experts, a Persian rug should be cleaned professionally. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult experienced, qualified and well trained professionals. With a professional rugs cleaning job, you can increase your rug’s life span and make sure it remains in excellent condition for a long time.

In Singapore, you can easily find a rug cleaning company. With some simple research, you can come across a wide range of options. Before choosing a professional company, you should go through numerous reviews and testimonials to get a better idea about the company’s background, credentials and prices.

It is always better to hire an experienced, certified and professional rug cleaning company. Besides using latest techniques and high end equipment, a professional company is insured and licensed to provide you with the best rug cleaning service.

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